Struggling with Puppy training

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helpwithpuppyplease Fri 29-May-20 20:21:59

We paid for 4 Skype training sessions with a trainer someone recommended to us. Could you do the same?

BelleMontgomery Fri 29-May-20 18:17:48

Thank you, I’ve been doing all the suggestions already. Think I’m just panicking because she’s so perfect and I don’t want to get it wrong.

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Ylvamoon Fri 29-May-20 08:38:32

They have some good videos:

Otherwise you just need lots of time keep training very short ans sweet, but do it 5-8 times a day - try and master one command at a time...

Mostlylurkingiam Fri 29-May-20 00:18:37

Reward what she is doing as others have said, she follows you, sits give a click and a treat. You work up to her doing it on command. I found getting sit helped with everything else - ask her to sit and wait before meals, at curbs when you can go out etc. Don't stress if she doesn't get it straight away, do short sessions only. You may notice a pattern - our puppy (10myhs now) will get super confused when learning something new, accidentally get it right a few times then work out what she needs to do. Get everyone it the house to do the same thing. A word like "toilet" when they go outside is helpful too....

StillMedusa Thu 28-May-20 00:56:06

Then reward her for what she is already doing! She's sitting, unprompted..awesome! Stand up.. let her start to follow.. then SIT.. hold the treat slightly above her nose and her bum will naturally hit the floor... either say 'YES!' or click a clicker and treat... trust me she will get it really quickly!

Then buy the 'Easy Peasy puppy Squeezy' book (cheap) from Amazon and read it... it's very very good.
Honestly she's a tiny puppy..what she needs right now is to be with you every waing monemt, bonding with you...everything else will come in time.

Slothfull Wed 27-May-20 23:56:30

Buy a clicker, learn to use it, click and treat her every time her bum hits the floor and then put a cue to it. Easy.

BelleMontgomery Wed 27-May-20 23:53:05

Hello, we finally (knew we were getting her before lockdown) brought our new puppy on Saturday (age 9 weeks), she is tiny and adorable and I’m absolutely in love with her already. However, I’m struggling with training and wondered if anyone can suggest any puppy training resources?

I’ve read a couple of books and watched dozens of YouTube videos. I understand the theory, it’s the putting it into practice! For example sitting, every time I get her attention so I can teach her to sit she just sits down in front of me! How do I teach her to sit if she is already sitting?

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