Help - at eachother's throats?

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dogconflict Wed 27-May-20 16:58:26

Thank you for this.

Dog B is very happy. She was in a short term Forster before and they said loads of things about her being timid, only eats out of one bowl, is very quiet, not toilet trained and too hard to toilet train - but we've had the opposite.
Very obedient, very happy, loves attention. Eats out of her new matching bowl etc. Walks perfectly and is completely toilet trained!

For example, right now they are both happily laying on the bed. It is only if we were both on the bed A would growl.

They usually just play fight and enjoy time together. B knows to just sit far back when we are eating but we are trying to put them in another room when we eat.

It's just scary. I'm going to give it until we go back to work (September time) and I've lined up a new home for her anyway (a friend).

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Windyatthebeach Tue 26-May-20 10:59:27

We have had dpuppy for 3 months and only recently our other ddogs have stopped having a go at her.. Up until this week dpuppy was crated so other ddogs had some time without her.. Do they sleep apart? Have their own areas?

sunflowersandtulips50 Tue 26-May-20 10:48:48

I personally would rehome dog B. He has already been rescued and is being bullied by Dog A. That isn't a nice environment for him at all. May be better that both dogs are the 'only' dog in a house. Dog B needs a lot of love and attention and should be able to live out his life in a peaceful loving home. Doesn't sound like fun and things will get worse

vanillandhoney Tue 26-May-20 10:48:32

Two months is very, very early days for a rescue dog - generally it takes 6-12 months for them to truly settle down and come out of their shells.

However it sounds like there's a bit of resource guarding going on and I would recommend contacting a behaviourist. In the meantime, keep them off your bed (or at least, only allow one on at a time) and make sure they have all food and treats in separate rooms so they can't fight.

Good luck!

dogconflict Tue 26-May-20 10:39:04

@Scattyhattie thank you. It's been two months now. They seem to play and have fun all the time until we are around - then it's like a competition for love sad

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Scattyhattie Mon 25-May-20 17:04:13

How long have you had B now? I think early on boundaries are being set so some grumpiness does settle down. Dog A has never had to worry about her resources before.

I've been nipped a few times from getting hand in wrong place at wrong time and surprisingly hurts for so little surface damageflowers.
Often its just warning other 'its mine' & how B reacts then sets whether it escalates or learn to back off.
With new dogs its always a good idea to remove items that tend to be high value like toys & chews laying round and feed away from each other as most likely to cause a trigger point while trying to nurture a relationship.

Floralnomad Mon 25-May-20 15:44:18

Sounds like your original dog was pretty happy as an only dog , lots of dogs don’t like having other dogs in their home regardless of liking doggy friends on walks . Unless you want years of stress I’d rehome dog B


dogconflict Mon 25-May-20 15:40:26

Hi all,

I've thought of posting here numerous times but always hoped for improvement.

We've had a rescue from a puppy who is now 2 and the apple of our eye (Dog A). However, pre Corona, we were out at work 4 weekdays a week (I wfh one day anyway) and for long hours (dog walker would come in). When I am wfh she just sits there, sleeps, what she does when I'm not home!

So we decided to get her a friend. We found a very cute 7 year old who needed a home desperately (Dog B).

Dog B is well behaved in every way except she barks - she picks up foxes in the garden and goes mad. This has been a nightmare anyway because we can't just leave the back door open in the summer or be in a different room - we have to monitor. Dog A only barks at the door or at seeing a fox. So is generally quiet.

Well the actual issue is this: dog A is VERY territorial and has become very aggressive to B over us. When left together they share the house / sofas (dog cam monitoring) and at breakfast and dinner they eat their own bowls fine.

However, if B goes too close to A when we are there, A will aggressively go for B, B also fights back. No actual injury is ever caused. This happens when we are eating too. A also weed on our bed for the first time ever last night - I think to scent mark.

This morning we allowed both dogs on our bed for morning cuddles. A had a bit of biscuit left from a treat and B came to close, A went for her and as I tried to intervene my finger got caught in the middle and bitten - not badly but it hurts and a small amount of blood.

I should add, A & B play together (play fight) all the time.

Is there any chance to make this work? We have another home lined up for B but I'm already attached and she's been through a lot of abuse in her life so I want to give her a stable home.


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