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Shortandsweet20 Sun 24-May-20 20:17:12

Hi everyone,
My goldie was spayed on Friday and is recovering pretty well. I have slept downstairs with her the past two nights as I was worried about her jumping onto the sofa or bed and going up the stairs.

Her stitches seem fine to me so I'm wondering if it's okay to sleep upstairs tonight and let her back in my room - she tends to sleep on her bed and just jump up in the mornings? Or should I leave it another night?

I could shut her downstairs but I feel like that would make her unhappy as I've never done that.

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AlCalavicci Mon 25-May-20 00:11:08

I think she will be fine to go upstairs as long as she sleeps in her own bed , will you be able to prevent her from jumping up onto your bed in the morning ?

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