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Summer Dog Walking WWYD?

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MagicalThinking Wed 20-May-20 11:18:53

It's me, DS age 11 and DPup at home. I'm just thinking about what will be best to do about dog walking when the weather gets walking.

Pup normally gets a couple of 20-30 minute walks morning and evening or one longer walk in the evening. DS mostly joins us but is sensible and can be left at home.

I'm not sure what to do over hot days in the summer though. What time do you walk your ddogs? I was thinking 6-7am and 9-10pm are likely to be cooler times for walking but this is when ds is in bed and I don't like to leave him alone when he's asleep (my main concern is that he wouldn't wake if the fire alarm went off) WWYD?

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MagicalThinking Wed 20-May-20 11:20:15

Sorry, in the first paragraph, when the weather gets warmer

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Dreamersandwishers Wed 20-May-20 11:33:37

What kind of dog is it ? And what colour? Where’s the picture 😂

Seriously, I am in Scotland and my black labs are feeling the heat already so you are right to think about it. Where I am it’s rarely too hot to go out at 8 am or 8 pm for the walks, especially if you are still on short walks for a puppy.
Things you can do to make him more comfortable include spraying with some cool water. As he dries he will cool down. If it’s a hot day, do this before you leave. Carry water & a collapsible bowl if you can, and if there are nearby walks that take in a stream or shady area, use those.
But to specifically answer, I would go out earlier in the evening so DS is awake. Puppy will aclimatise(sp?)

jinxpixie Wed 20-May-20 11:54:52

I hate the summer for this reason!

I get up early to walk mine in the heat of last summer we were out at 5.30am. It was still so hot in the late evening.

I dont like to walk mine much above 21 degrees but they are crazy mad dogs who have no idea to take things easy when it gets hot.

Dogs do tend to acclimatise to the heat so as it has suddenly got hot here I will be careful for a couple of weeks but as time goes on they can cope better.

pigsDOfly Wed 20-May-20 12:21:59

My dog hates the heat so our usual walking time just doesn't work in the summer.

Early morning and, depending on how hot it gets, somewhere between 7 and 9 in the evening.

I'm lucky to have a shady garden so we play out there when it's very hot and we have been known to miss a walk altogether if the weather is overwhelmingly hot.

Your dog won't be hurt by the odd missed walk, and you can do brain work and training at home, which is very good for tiring dogs out.

We have also missed walked when it's been raining too heavily, dog isn't keen on rain either. Dog's will adapt.

Honeyroar Wed 20-May-20 12:23:18

Yes I’d go for early and late. My dogs seem to prefer it.

Windyatthebeach Wed 20-May-20 14:56:09

Dpuppy was down the beach and in the water at 12 today. Too hot - she is black. Evening walk we make later and later as the weeks go by! Usually our place is empty at 8pm and still light at 10 pm! Ds likes the walks now he can ride his bike so likely our walks won't be later than 7pm this summer!!
*unless I have strung dc /dpuppy up by the end of lockdown....

Ihaventgottimeforthis Wed 20-May-20 15:06:56

Yep we go out before 7am and between 8-9pm - not too late for children to come if they want.

I've also just bought one of these for any post-walk cool-offs, and garden time:

Clymene Wed 20-May-20 15:12:15

Just go before he goes to bed. After 7pm is usually cool enough. If you have to go out earlier, avoid pavements. If you can't hold your hand against the tarmac, it's too hot for your dog

vanillandhoney Wed 20-May-20 16:20:15

We go out early - I find even in the evenings it's often still very warm though I will sometimes take him down the beach where it's cooler and he can swim.

I like to be back home before 8am in summer or it just gets too hot and he really struggles.

pilates Wed 20-May-20 16:22:30

Yes an early and late one sounds right in this heat. My dog (2) had one big walk at 8 am today and then he will have one about 8.30 tonight. You have to be careful they don’t burn their paws on the pavement.

Grumpylockeddownwoman Wed 20-May-20 16:23:40

Remember the summer of 2018? Heatwave for weeks?! I remember walking at bloody half five in the morning and 10 at night! Today we have missed the morning walk so will be back out at around 8 I reckon.

StillMedusa Wed 20-May-20 18:10:07

Mine usually does 9am and 4pm.. I can't leave the gap any longer as she refuses to wee in the garden!
so the last few days I have just popped across to the green opposite at 4 for a wee, then taken her out for her big walk at 7-8pm when it's cooler. I also take a bottle of water for her and have drink stops. She's double coated but it seems to work ok for her. We then pop out for a last wee at 11pm.
I REALLY wish she'd pee in the garden...

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Wed 20-May-20 22:16:30

You can get cooling coats, or just take water to pour over them, and walk as much as possible in the shade (in woods, for example, if you have access to any).

Mine usually acclimatise as the summer arrives - I've only once felt that one was really struggling (he's getting on), and we gave him some water and cut that walk short. We took ours to the woods this afternoon, and they were absolutely fine.

Poniesandgin Thu 21-May-20 08:13:43

I do very early and very late too, I would rather not walk at all than walk between 9-7 if it was hot. The dog won’t suffer from a day in the garden with some games, training and treats.

Els1e Thu 21-May-20 12:16:18

I generally do the dog walks before 7.30 am and after 7.30 pm during the summer. And try and involve either the river or the sea.

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