What do you feed your pooch after surgery?

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mrsdiddlydoo Fri 22-May-20 20:57:11

Thank you both @BiteyShark @Mulhollandmagoo Days are a blur. We've done chicken and rice and slowly introduced his regular food soaked in some broth into the mix. I think we're really lucky. He's doing great. No problems wanting to eat. Could drink a bit more but he's peeing and I guess that shows he's having some. Got some some tins of fish and a bag of frozen brocolli to continue our journey this week. Thanks again xx

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BiteyShark Wed 20-May-20 05:47:10

Surgery, or rather any anaesthetic, always upset my dogs stomach. I used to offer anything that was tasty in very small quantities to eat.

Once he looked like he would eat after the first day home then I offered him his usual wet food split several times a day to make it easier to digest.

Could you offer him his normal dry food soaked in water so it's easier to eat with maybe some chicken or scrambled egg as a topper to make it more tasty then split that into 4 or more meals a day?

Hope he recovers quickly thanks

Mulhollandmagoo Wed 20-May-20 00:21:49

So sorry to hear about your dog flowers I know it's not the same at all, but when we had our dog neutered he was wobbly for a few days and we stuck with either chicken and rice or scrambled egg and tuna. Not too sure on portion sizes, or dog is a small breed so not too much for him, but give the vets a call and see what/how much they were feeding

mrsdiddlydoo Tue 19-May-20 23:40:56

Just that... Our dog has come home today after having a leg amputated at the weekend due to cancer. He's been having 4 meals a day during his stay at the vets. We have given him chicken and white rice tonight, but I just wondered what others give their dogs after surgery... And how do you figure out the correct portion size for fresh food? He's usually on dry food. Thanks

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