Dog food that doesn't cause hunger sickness

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NegativeNellyy Sun 17-May-20 07:19:20

I switched my dogs from raw to kibble because one is ridiculously fat and just isn't filled up by raw, he is doing great on kibble because now I can portion up his food into exactly how much he needs to lose weight and spread it out over the day.

The other dog is 4kg, pretty lean and since we moved her to kibble she keeps being sick in the morning, it's mainly bile and mainly over our bed! She did better on raw! Would it be worth putting her back on raw? God this is hard! They're currently on barking heads, they have previously been on Millie's Wolfheart but it's hard because he needs to lose weight and the vet suggested kibble to get his weight down. He's a nightmare with food

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MortyFide Sun 17-May-20 07:23:36

Hi, try giving the sicky one a small portion of food at bedtime - his/her stomach won't be empty for so long then.

My 5 month old puppy was sick at 3am a couple of times, it stopped when I gave him some "supper" before bed.

Modwolvesrock Sun 17-May-20 07:24:30

We sometimes give our dogs a small bowl of goats yoghurt, which seems to go down well smile
Maybe that might help?

NegativeNellyy Sun 17-May-20 07:26:15

@MortyFide that is a great idea! How didn't I think of that blush. They always look so sad afterwards. She's already on omeprazole for stomach issues because she had surgery last week. I might ask for another injection of antisickness if she's sick again.

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MortyFide Sun 17-May-20 07:32:04

Aww poor girl! Yes, trying shaving a little bit of the allowance off each of her daytime meals and give it to her at bedtime, that might help.

And yoghurt is a good shout as well, if acid is causing the problem (although the omeprazole should deal with that). Is she still on anti-inflammatories after her surgery? Rimadyl or metacam? They can cause vomiting after a period of days, they did in my old dog - so much so that she couldn't take them at all. Check with the vet before stopping them, of course!

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