My darling is having an operation this week - nervous

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nannytothequeen Sat 16-May-20 15:08:34

My lovely old lab is 16. I've always said that I won't interfere with her as she's so old but she has a growth under her ear and it is revolting. Antibiotics have cleared most of the infection but it is still oozing and as soon as the course ended it started to seep again. Smells terrible. The vet says it is ulcerated and won't heal. So my options were to
Leave it and cause her increasing discomfort , permanent antibiotics to keep it reasonably acceptable, have her pts or have it removed, hopefully under sedation rather than a general. She is stone deaf and largely blind but is still reasonably happy I think, ambling around, getting under my feet, waiting for Sundays when she gets her own roast dinner and stealing the cats food. So I am going for removal and hoping it can be done without a general to reduce the risk. I am worried though about whether this is a good decision. I love her so much and our time together has been longer than my marriage, making her significantly more important than my ex. When she does leave me for doggie heaven (and heaven is where she will certainly go being the kindest and most perfect dog ever) she will be cremated and scattered with me in the end as I wouldn't be able to bear the thought of her being scattered alone.

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Pelleas Sat 16-May-20 17:20:20

It sounds like the right decision to me. From what you say, your doggie still has a good quality of life - enjoying her food, pottering around - so in your position I would want to give her every chance of more happy days with you, and the removal sounds like the choice that will leave her in the least discomfort in the long term. I do hope the operation is a success. Whatever happens you will have the comfort of knowing you've done all you can for her in her golden years.

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