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Stellaris22 Tue 12-May-20 10:59:27

Fellow dog walker has said she's been approached in a park by someone who's dog is coming into season and liked the look of her male dog. Other owner wants one litter before spaying and friend wants her dog to have fathered a litter before neutering.

I'm not against breeding family pets, but neither owners intend to health test their animals and haven't planned it out, just winging it. Every time I mention health testing or plans for if anything goes wrong I get laughed and told I'm being silly.

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fivedogstofeed Tue 12-May-20 11:32:09

They can't resist the money.
My local FB and Scumtree are full of ads saying "lukin stud for my golden cocker" or " any small breed stud wanted asap"

Stellaris22 Tue 12-May-20 11:33:52

I don't even think they are doing it for the money, just because they think it's cute.

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fivedogstofeed Tue 12-May-20 11:36:42

Believe me, they are doing it for the money. And with the covid inflated prices they'll want to do it as soon as possible as well.

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Tue 12-May-20 11:49:29

These are the sort of pet breeders who get the sensible ones a bad name.

LolaSmiles Tue 12-May-20 11:50:42

They are being irresponsible.

It's one thing to breed a family pet after getting properly informed, health testing both parents etc and another to just shove two dogs together and hope for the best. What's concerning is that people will still buy from them as long as the puppies look cute enough.

Stellaris22 Tue 12-May-20 12:04:06

Completely agree. I have nothing against breeding family pets as long as they are thoroughly health tested, planned and taken care of.

I had the same people tell me I should let my dog have puppies as she is lovely and cute, I felt very pressured at one point. Absolutely refused as I love my dog but had no breeding plans for her.

But it completely gives breeding of family pets a bad reputation.

I was just angry because I got ridiculed and told I was being stupid for saying health testing is vital, just letting them mate was not ok.

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SlothMama Tue 12-May-20 13:15:54

This is so frustrating, dogs don't need one litter before spaying dogs do not care about having offspring.
There are so many litters for sale on scumtree at ridiculously high prices and not once is health testing mentioned, the temperment of the parents or how the puppies have been raised.

These people just want to make money rather than breeding a litter of healthy puppies to go to good homes. They also won't be providing a lifetime agreement of help or taking the dogs back if there's an issue. Leave the breeding to the breeders who properly health test, raise and care about their animals.

I have a rarer breed of dog and a doodle/poodle stud owner keeps telling me I should make doodles from her. I could not imagine anything worse than risking her health to breed mongrels.

Stellaris22 Tue 12-May-20 13:22:32

Where I am it's quite common to just let females have one litter before spaying. I don't understand this view, it's not cute and it's certainly not a nice thing for your pet to go through. I can guarantee they won't be health tested.

It's annoying because there are responsible people breeding their family pets, but it's people like this ruining that reputation.

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LolaSmiles Tue 12-May-20 13:30:15

I don't understand the logic of it being good for a bitch to have a litter before spaying. Is it based on research or just a convenient thing for people to say to justify making a quick buck?

I've let my bitches have a couple of seasons before I get them spayed but there's no puppies happening here, much as they'd both have lovely pups.

SlothMama Tue 12-May-20 13:51:14

There is no benefit at all for a dog to have a litter before she's spayed, some people are weirdly sentimental about their dog having puppies of their own. Others just see puppies as a way to make a few grand.

However if you are breeding a litter properly then the amount of work you actually put it means you won't make much off a litter. Particularly if you factor in the cost of a stud, vet visits, supplies, food etc. Also if the birth goes wrong the costs of a c-section can quickly mount up.

Stellaris22 Tue 12-May-20 13:54:51

I've tried explaining the costs of emergency vet treatments and that it's not an easy thing to do. All falls on deaf ears when I appear to be the only person pointing out it's not ok to randomly breed pets (everyone else saying it's so cute and a lovely idea).

Good to see from here that I'm not alone in thinking 'letting my dog just have a litter' isn't actually cute or ok.

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T0tallyFuckedUpFamily Tue 12-May-20 14:01:31

I ran a dog sitting business for years, before the virus hit (hopefully restart once it’s safe) I was out at the beach with thee little schnauzers and a woman approached. She asked if they were intact and I told her that one was. She then informed me that her botch was in heat and would I let the boys have a go on her’. I told her that she was a fucking disgrace, that I wouldn’t permit any dog in my charge to do that and she was basically pimping out her poor bitch. Apparently I was ‘nuts’ and ‘what’s the harm’. Can you imagine the fear of her poor bitch, having a strange male dog pestering and suddenly mounting her? Some dog owners need a good fucking slap in the teeth and their poor dog removed.

Stellaris22 Tue 12-May-20 14:10:46

That's exactly how my friend (owner of male dog) was approached. A stranger saying she just likes the look of her dog. I'd have run a mile and told her she's ridiculous, but my friend thinks it's great and is over the moon that someone asked her dog to do this.

I don't get it.

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heatseeker14 Tue 12-May-20 16:30:19

@T0tallyFuckedUpFamily, that’s horrendous! Her poor dog!
A lady I see out on walks keeps asking if I will breed from my pup, despite the fact I have said no loads of times already. Her response is that I should because he is lovely. Yes, he is lovely, but I don’t want the worry of him fathering lots of pups that might end up neglected or in shelters. The idea of him ‘having a go’ on a random bitch seems really crude to me. I’d be horrified if someone suggested that to me.

T0tallyFuckedUpFamily Tue 12-May-20 16:34:45

Yes, he is lovely, but I don’t want the worry of him fathering lots of pups that might end up neglected or in shelters.

That’s why I have an issue with those who ONLY want to breed one litter before the bitch gets neutered. They claim to love their dog, but can’t see that loving a dog also means living it’s pups and they have no real idea how those poor pups will end up being treated. I don’t want to be responsible for ANY possible neglect of my pets’ offspring. Not to mention, pregnancy can be very difficult for a bitch. The same ones probably felt that they were owed sympathy if they struggled throughout a difficult pregnancy, but don’t seem to realise that bitches can suffer too.

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