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DrKnickerbocker9 Sun 10-May-20 12:50:57

Bella the shihpoo came to live with us yesterday morning. She was very quiet yesterday, just wanted to be with us and slept reasonably last night, after 3am DP went down and slept with her as she had started crying.
She’s doing really well with housetraining but I’m finding it difficult to reward her as she doesn’t seem to like treats! I’ve tried severely different ones but she just walks away from them. Any ideas?
Picture for your viewing pleasure smile

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TARSCOUT Sun 10-May-20 12:58:09

Shes lovely but you've only had her 24.hours, give her a fee days to settle.

MyDucksArentInARow Sun 10-May-20 13:15:23

If she's not food motivated at the moment, praise/enthusiasm should be enough. A lot of puppies don't understand food based reward when they're young

fivedogstofeed Sun 10-May-20 13:18:53

Puppied respond just as well to cuddles and 'happy excited voice' for praise - you don't necessarily need treats at this stage.

PragmaticWench Sun 10-May-20 15:06:33

Treats might upset her stomach this young, probably best to stick to her puppy food and 'treat' with praise and attention.

DrKnickerbocker9 Sun 10-May-20 17:19:02

Fab thank you! She’s our first dog together (we both had them growing up) since the children came along so we are learning as we go! Thanks for the advice, she seems very happy to hear excited voices and we still haven’t had a house accident so it appears to be working!
Any advice on night time? I’ve read several things on both sides, one saying ignore her crying in the crate and others saying be with her. I’m a softie so would find it incredibly hard and even cruel to leave her crying when she’s somewhere unknown and without her mummy and brothers and sisters so I’m tempted to camp downstairs with her for a few nights. Is this wise?

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muckandnettles Sun 10-May-20 17:34:18

I think you do what you are happy with, so if your instinct is to camp downstairs with your puppy, then you do that. It's not being a 'softie' to want your puppy to be happy in her new home and feel settled.


Girlintheframe Mon 11-May-20 06:00:25

Ours was crated by our bed. We had him there for 3 weeks then started to ease the crate out of the room until he reached the office which is where he still sleeps now (but not in a crate anymore) .

LochJessMonster Mon 11-May-20 09:43:59

As pp have said, praise is reward. But you could always cook some chicken and then shred it and give her a small amount.

As for the overnight, I would sleep with her for a while, minimal interaction, just let her know you are there.

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