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Orthopaedic dog beds

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ladybee28 Sat 09-May-20 17:07:03

Some of you might remember my thread a couple of weeks ago about adopting an elderly gent –well, it looks like he'll be coming home toward the end of June, based on how lockdown easing seems to be happening in my country grin

The rescue centre have been sending me videos every few days and I can see some stiffness in his shoulders – which is no surprise as he seems to be sleeping on hard floors a lot there.

So.... I'd like to get him a high-quality orthopaedic dog bed, preferably sofa-style so he can get in and out easily and has somewhere to drape his head – does anyone have any good recommendations?

I live in a geographically tricksy location so Amazon is problematic for large items, and I think the chances of finding what I'm looking for here is fairly slim.

Any ideas?

Thanks so much in advance!

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makingmyway10 Sat 09-May-20 17:18:10

Pet Fusion orthopaedic beds are great. My lab has two and loves them, nice and low, cosy and memory foam inside. I did order mine from Amazon though as they had the best offer. They are sofa style and have washable covers but I bought the cosy blankets that match them so I can cover them and the blankets are easy to wash. Hope that helps smile

Whatdoyouknowwhenyouknownowt Mon 11-May-20 02:43:11

We bought our poorly whippet a Casper bed. I like it as it's smart, not too heavy &seems supportive.

ShaniaPayne Mon 11-May-20 18:29:15

how big is he? QVC - weirdly enough - had a SIlentnight orthopaedic dog bed on their website site with free P&P that I was very tempted by for my elderly terrier...

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