Puppy Car Restraints?

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BreatheAndFocus Sat 09-May-20 15:11:26


Any recommendations for the best car restraints for a puppy? I’d thought to use a harness and one of those straps you clip onto the harness with a seatbelt-like metal end that just goes into the seatbelt socket, but I’ve been reading on google and now wonder if they’re safe?

Please can you tell me what you use? I’m not too fussed whether it’s a harness or a carrier but ideally pup would be on the back seat.

Also, any Definitely Avoids would be useful too. There’s so much out there and I suspect a lot isn’t safe or very good.

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Ylvamoon Sat 09-May-20 17:43:36

Create at the back or teach them to stay in the footwell for very short trips.

Louise24902 Sat 09-May-20 17:45:33

I used a crate for our pup, I have a small car so needed it to be one of the XS ones but it fit him perfectly for when we were in the car. I had it in the back seat and just put the seat belt through the gaps and out so that it clipped in if that makes sense just so I knew it wasn't going anywhere 😁

BreatheAndFocus Sat 09-May-20 18:59:21

Thank you 😊 I didn’t realise you could get crates that small. I’ll have a look online. I’ve got a small hatchback so it would need to be an extra-small crate. Any recommendations?

Using the seatbelt through it sounds a great idea.

It’s been a long time since I had a puppy and I’m nervous about getting everything right. I really appreciate you both taking the time to answer.

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vanillandhoney Sat 09-May-20 20:29:04

Mine sits on the backseat wearing a harness. I don't have a very big car so he couldn't fit in the boot very comfortably.

BreatheAndFocus Sat 09-May-20 21:01:23

Thank you 😊Any harness recommendations? I saw one that had been safety-tested so was tempted by that. Can’t remember the name exactly but something like Kurgo.

I think I’m going to have to measure my car to see what would work best, crate or harness.

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MiniChoc Sat 09-May-20 21:27:35

We've got these for new pup:



MiniChoc Sat 09-May-20 21:28:52

Because I've only got a Corsa so he can't go in the boot.

BreatheAndFocus Sat 09-May-20 22:08:02

Thank you - I had no idea those existed. Good reviews too 😊

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Scattyhattie Sun 10-May-20 03:01:35

These tests are bit old now but is scary view of likely outcome of collisions (harnesses & crates) & these aren't particularly fast either. Dog restraints don't have to meet any testing standards, some will stop dog moving about causing distraction or risks of slipping out open door/boot, but not offer any protection to dog itself or avoid becoming a projectile.


I would look for ones that show the footage of crash tests not just say they have been tested as outcome may not be that successful.

I have the ruffwear car harness instead mainly as I have large long backed lurcher and think would've struggled to strap in with the ezydog, its bit of faff to get on/off but sturdy & hardwear metal.

No idea why they design car harnesses with dog in sitting position as most will lay down for balance & comfort.

With crates also bear in mind car boot can be a crumple zone, house crates aren't very sturdy so could easily collapse and ideally escape hatch so can fold rear seats to release dog in case of rear end collision, my friend had this situation and couldn't get damaged boot to open.

Thepigeonsarecoming Sun 10-May-20 03:10:44

All depends on the pup, it’ll take a bit of experimenting to figure out which works best for you. Previous dog we used a pet carrier, he would wrap himself around the seat belt through his harness, or any extender. Was safer for him. New pup hated the pet cage and would cry, given a simple extender from harness to seat belt clip though, he’ll happily sleep for hours on his bed on the back seat

It’ll be a bit of trial and error

BreatheAndFocus Sun 10-May-20 10:19:18

@Scattyhattie That safety link is really helpful - and shocking. It’s really helped focus my mind. Thank you too for the Ezydog link. Those harnesses look excellent. Pricey but I can see why as they look so well-designed.

@Thepigeonsarecoming that’s a good point about it depending on the pup. I obviously don’t want to invest in something the puppy hates or that doesn’t work for him. I think I’m going to go for a low to mid end solution to start with - ie to collect him from the breeder and for his first few short car trips, then i’ll have a better idea of what works for him.

It’s really useful to get these suggestions as nothing beats real-life pup experience.

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