How much do Bichon Frise puppies cost?

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thesnackbitch Fri 08-May-20 21:24:45

Just that really. Currently looking at buying a little Bichon Frise KC Registered pup from a reputable breeder (registered with the council) The puppy is 5 generation pedigree apparently. Asking price is £2000. Does this sound about right? Thanks 😊

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thesnackbitch Fri 08-May-20 21:26:20

Just wanted to add, the puppy will be micro chipped, fully vaccinated, dewormed etc

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thesnackbitch Fri 08-May-20 21:42:18

Sorry another question, if I do go ahead with the sale I have been asked to sign a contract saying that I will not breed the puppy, I will have lifelong pet insurance for the him and that I will take him to the vet within 7 days of collecting him for a check over.

Does this all sound about right? This will be my first dog as an adult so just want to make sure it's all legit.

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ImBrian Fri 08-May-20 21:48:13

Prices seem to have gone sky high since the lock down started

thesnackbitch Fri 08-May-20 21:49:15

The puppy will only be ready in 2 months time.

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EmotionalFlood Fri 08-May-20 21:49:18

Personally think that's very high... they're usually anywhere from £600-£1,200. All pedigrees come with a 5 gen pedigree certificate, the KC send it when they're registered. By law they have to be chipped too. Are they health tested? Crufts champion parents? (Trying to think why they're so expensive?) if your happy with the price/pup then go for it?

thesnackbitch Fri 08-May-20 21:52:27

@EmotionalFlood Thanks for your reply. I will ask the breeder tomorrow for the parents paperwork. I didn't think to ask. I am very happy with the pup, price is a little steep but happy to pay it. Just wanted to check with more knowledgeable folk that I'm not being ripped.

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Clemmieandareallybigbunfight Fri 08-May-20 22:04:01

The contract is standard. I suspect the price is because breeding and health testing properly is expensive - if you are sure they've done that - and also they are trying to use the price to deter less committed owners. Or they could just be greedy.

EmotionalFlood Fri 08-May-20 22:04:12

@thesnackbitch it is very expensive but it's ultimately what the buyer is willing to pay? She won't have the puppies pedigree/paper work if she hasn't registered them yet, she will have parents though. Pups are generally registered after 3weeks of age, the KC will then send the pups KC/5th gen through for the new owner. The breeder can make you sign a contract stating you won't breed and you won't be able to KC reg any puppy's they produce (can't remember the correct term).

thesnackbitch Fri 08-May-20 22:19:41

@EmotionalFlood That's actually really helpful, thank you. I looked on the KC website to see if the litter had been registered yet and they haven't which makes sense now as the puppies aren't even 3 weeks old yet. I have a copy of the contract and it states exactly what you said regarding breeding and KC registering any puppies that are born to this puppy.

You're right regarding price too, the puppy is one of a litter of 6 and the last remaining available so clearly people are willing to spend £2k.

Really appreciate all the advice smile

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LochJessMonster Sat 09-May-20 00:10:40

Contract sounds very reasonable, the vaccination, microchip, deworm etc plus not allowing you to breed are very positive signs. Definitely ask for parent paperwork and proof of health checks.

You should also receive a ‘puppy pack’ with some advice and your contract.

Ask what food he/she is currently on, so you can carry on with that and slowly change over to avoid any stomach upsets.

Some breeders also give you a small blanket/toy that has been in with the litter and smells of them, to help comfort the puppy when you take him/her home.

Good luck with your new pup!

thesnackbitch Sat 09-May-20 00:40:51

@LochJessMonster Thanks for your reply smileSo glad you commented as it has confirmed to me the breeder is doing things correctly. The contract states that the puppy comes with 2kgs of food, a litter scented blanket, toys and 2 feeding bowls suitable for puppies size. Puppy also comes with a vet voucher for his first check up and 5 weeks free insurance with KC Pet Insurance.

I am able to view both mom, dad and the puppies which I've read is important.

Think I may go aheadgrin

Thanks again all!

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thesnackbitch Sat 09-May-20 00:43:24

@Clemmieandareallybigbunfight Thanks for replyingsmileI hope it's due to the cost of good breeding and health checks! I'd like to think it's not due to greed but it's always good to be sure!

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Deadringer Sat 09-May-20 00:45:12

Sorry i can't help but am just curious why you can't breed the puppy, or register any offspring.

ducksback Sat 09-May-20 00:48:40

I am able to view both mom, dad and the puppies which I've read is important

Many breeders do not own the dog as they source the best dog for their bitch. I might be aksing questions about this OP.

thesnackbitch Sat 09-May-20 00:53:25

@ducksback That's a good point. They have made it very clear that the bitch is their dog but haven't said they own the stud just that I can see both. And pups.

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thesnackbitch Sat 09-May-20 00:54:45

@ducksback Will definitely add that to my list of questions though - thank you.

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GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Sat 09-May-20 08:47:06

The KC permits endorsements on puppies. A breeder can endorse for export or breeding. For export means (I think) that you can't sell the puppy abroad without the breeder's permission - anyone who bought it would not be able to register it as an import with the KC in the new country. Endorsed for breeding means that you cannot register any progeny of that puppy with the KC unless the breeder lifts the endorsement. A breeder should be clear about their conditions for lifting a breeding endorsement - for example, the dog must have passed any relevant health tests and been placed in a championship show (or won a field trial if working).

Endorsing usually means that the breeder is trying to protect the dogs they have bred, though it can be used as a way of limiting the competition.

Deadringer Sat 09-May-20 10:54:34

That's very interesting Grumpy, sounds like a good measure.

fivedogstofeed Sat 09-May-20 11:14:34

Has the breeder asked you anything about your home situation and how you intend to train, socialise and care for the puppy?

thesnackbitch Sat 09-May-20 13:45:57

@GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman That's really interesting, thank you for explaining thatsmile

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thesnackbitch Sat 09-May-20 13:49:22

@fivedogstofeed She asked me the size of my house, whether I have a garden, if I work full time or are home mostly and if I have children/other pets, if I am able to walk the dog and if I know much about the breed. She asked for my personal details such as address, full name, phone number, email address. She also said that they will be available for lifetime advice. Does that sound about right?

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thesnackbitch Sat 09-May-20 13:56:29

She's asked for a £300 deposit, refundable if the puppy doesn't pass it's 10 week vet check. If the puppy passes, the remaining amount will be payable and we can collect him. I've spoken to her this morning and we can have copies of his family tree back 5 generations. She said Mom and Dad were both health checked before breeding and she has records of that too.

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Truist Sat 09-May-20 14:02:54

Sounds a little on the expensive side (we have similar but slightly different breed of dog with similar endorsements and good pedigree lines and paid £1500 for comparison) - but your breeder sounds like they are asking all the right questions of you and the contract etc and ongoing contact sounds good (quite a few less reputable wouldn't bother with this). You may get a couple of hundred pounds cheaper elsewhere but would they be as well cared for? Good luck with your puppy whatever you decide and post a pic if you do decide to go ahead!

LesleysChestnutBob Sat 09-May-20 14:05:07

Show breeders sometimes loan stud dogs for a certain amount of time from other kennels. If you know the KC registered names of the parents you can look them and their family tree up. If she's a serious shower and breeder, her having the father on the premises doesn't necessarily mean very much

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