FFS, I need my dog spayed!

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Glenthebattleostrich Thu 07-May-20 22:48:49

We have a 20 month old rescue cockapoo.

We were luck enough that the rescue had pups in when we were looking. She wasn't suitable for resale apparently because she has dodgy knees. (Money saved for op when necessary etc.)

Anyway. We got her when she was 12 weeks. Booked her to be spayed at 6 months. At 4.5 months she broke her knee and had to have 2 ops to fix it. The vet wouldn't do another surgery so soon, nor would they spay at the same time she was having her knee fixes as she was a bit to young.

Ok, we could live with it. Vet said let her have her first season and then get her done.so, she had her season, booked her in and the vet was sick so the op was cancelled. Then she had a phantom pregnancy.

Said to wait until Easter. Booked her for 25th of fucking march and guess what? Op cancelled because of the shutdown.

Every time we've booked the operation it's been cancelled for one reason or another and we are at the start of another season.

I just want my dog spayed because we will not breed from her and she isn't keen on other dogs, especially males (has a habit of biting them on the balls if she gets half a chance, not that she does these days).

No real reason from this other than a little vent as she has doggy PMT and I feel horrible for her and want to take it away.

Fingers crossed we can have it done in August!

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IsletsOfLangerhans Fri 08-May-20 16:57:21

Oh gosh. This is us too! 22 month old pointer, initially booked in on 25th Feb, but was showing signs of a phantom pregnancy. It was pushed back a fortnight, but still signs of a tiny bit of milk. Last date was moved to the 27th March, so it was cancelled sad Poor thing was clearly distressed by the phantom pregnancy, she’s showing signs now of coming into season again. It’s very likely she’ll have another phantom this time round too - my heart breaks for her! I know in the bigger scheme of things, it’s not terrible. But I think we are entitled to feel disappointed sad

JacobReesMogadishu Fri 08-May-20 17:00:36

Have you actually rung the vet since it first got cancelled to see if they’re now doing them? My cat got neutered last week.

JacobReesMogadishu Fri 08-May-20 17:01:36

Vet said there needed to be a reason for not waiting. I’d have thought Islets and her dog’s regular phantom pregnancies was a reason. Not sure anout OP and her dogs pmt but worth asking.

IsletsOfLangerhans Fri 08-May-20 17:13:11

I’ve spoken to the vets a few times and each time they’ve said they were still not doing neuterings. Got an update yesterday, saying they have started doing them if absolutely necessary, but we are too close to the season starting again I think! She’s looking a bit swollen and it’s 6 months since the last one.

Glenthebattleostrich Mon 11-May-20 02:39:07

Of course I've spoken to the vet! It's to close to her next season to do it. So we will have to wait it out.

It's just frustrating and I hate seeing her so cross and sad. Her phantom pregnancy was awful for her, although luckily she got over it fairly quickly. She nursed her ovo eggs and when she was tired and fed up, woke me up to look after them and took herself to the sofa for a couple of hours sleep!

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SlothMama Mon 11-May-20 12:04:09

I'm in the same position OP, my dogs due her spay after having had her second season earlier in the year. But I'll just wait until the vets can do them again safely, luckily she seems to be a once a year season dog I have some time.

I found evening primrose oil tablets and raspberry leaf tablets really helped with her moodiness following a season.


Veterinari Mon 11-May-20 12:07:57

If she's reactive to other dogs and prone to phantom pregnancies it's essential that she is

1. Assessed by a behaviourist prior to spaying (can make reactivity in bitches much worse)
2. Spayed midway between her seasons when her hormone levels (prolactin) is low and she is showing no behavioural signs otherwise you can essentially fix her in a permanent phantom pregnancy.

Veterinari Mon 11-May-20 12:08:51

I'd want to ensure the timing is right asa priority rather than getting her done ASAP

walkingchuckydoll Mon 11-May-20 12:39:47

She nursed her ovo eggs and when she was tired and fed up, woke me up to look after them and took herself to the sofa for a couple of hours sleep!

I know it's not what you're here for but that sounds soooo cute!

Stellaris22 Mon 11-May-20 19:54:27

I'm sorry your dogs are going through or have gone through phantom pregnancies. Ours had one before being spayed and it's horrible, clearly in distress, unable to settle and just completely not herself.

Glenthebattleostrich Tue 12-May-20 11:54:26

Don't worry, we do the absolute best for my furbaby. It's all about what is best for her.

By not keen on other dogs, I mean when she's due a season she's generally quite friendly and well socialised.

I just hate seeing her so sad and unsettled when I know it's easily sorted. She's definitely due as she's started chewing her paws and being more vocal.

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