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Kitcat47 Thu 07-May-20 06:53:57

We've been thinking about a puppy for a few years now. DD is 9 next week so we have been looking at the breed Maltipoo. We have seen pups advertised for up to £3000??? Why are they so expensive. Does the breeder have to have a licence to breed?

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Perch Thu 07-May-20 06:55:41

It’s not a breed. It’s a mutt. People pay it because it's fashionable to have a designer dog. How sure are you the puppy is from a ‘breeder’ and not a puppy farm?

TheoriginalLEM Thu 07-May-20 07:09:36

This is inevitably a backyard breeder at best.

They are that much money because people idiots will pay the money.

Also, PLEASE, do not get a puppy just now. Vets have had to start doing 1st and second vaccinations, putting themselves at risk, due to the increase in requests.Socialization will be minimal and this will impact behaviour at a later time.

There is nothing intrinsically wrong with a criss breed, but buying from inexperienced breeders or worse, breeders using their dogs as cash cows is not the best way to ensure you have a healthy pup.

WoeIsMee Thu 07-May-20 07:16:17

It’s not a breed! It’s a cross made solely for the fact that the ‘poo’ makes for an eye catching name.

Yes £3000 is a ridiculous price for a dog. It’s because these pups are bred solely for money, and to attract idiots who think expensive = better.

The poor bitch probably churns out multiple litters a year and I highly doubt the parents will have the relevant health tests.

Oh, and they won’t be ‘hypoallergenic’ either, no matter what the breeder tells you....

totallydevoidofideas Thu 07-May-20 07:18:59

That sounds much too expensive. There are a lot of puppy scams around at the moment where people are asked for a deposit without seeing a puppy. Be careful.

Peggysgettingcrazy Thu 07-May-20 07:19:55

Prices of puppies have gone through the roof.

I assume that more people want them, so people are charging more.

Not just crossbreeds.

I dont agree with the 'dont get a puppy now line personally.

Most vets are at very low risk and have things in place. They also need the remain in business.

Also, if everyone stops getting puppies, what happens to the puppies that are already here?

I do think people need to stop getting puppies, if they wouldn't have done if we weren't locked down. But that doesn't seem like the reason you were getting one.

Rescue are preparing for a huge infkux when people start going back to work. Which could be as early as next week.

When it comes to getting a dog, you need to look for the usual. Health tested parents. Being able to to see the mother. All the usual stuff.

I dont get the distaste for cross breeds here. Mainly because everythkng that is said about them can also apply to pedigrees.

Yes, poo crosses are often sold as non shedding or hypoallergenic (when this isnt true or cant be known). Breeders fail to mention that the parents are both working stock dogs and so the puppies will need more exercise than expected.

But I have also known breeders or health teased, KC register springers tell peolle they make great dogs for kids with SN as they are so calm and reassuring. I love springers, but ot takes a lot of work to make them a good calm dog (in most cases). Plenty of non health tested spaniels for sale. Or breeders failing to mention important things about the breed.

I also disagree that most breeders breeding in their homes or breeding cross breeds are bad.

WatchingFromTheWings Thu 07-May-20 07:23:06

We didn't pay that for our pedigree. £3000 for a mongrel is just nuts! 😳


heatseeker14 Thu 07-May-20 07:37:19

I was about to say the same @Peggysgettingcrazy. Rather than put people off buying puppies it has increased demand. There are less litters so breeders are taking advantage by charging more. Labradors are being sold for up to £2,500.

Peggysgettingcrazy Thu 07-May-20 07:39:49

heatseeker14 I have seen working cockers for 4k.

I got one of mine almost 4 years ago for £700. My youngest was a foster, and tje adoptions. We fostered her and her sisters since 6 weeks old. She was £300.

Not a chance I would be paying 4k for one.

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Thu 07-May-20 07:43:52

£3000 is outrageous. I'd expect to pay just over a grand for a puppy of a mid-sized breed from health tested parents with an absolutely outstanding pedigree.

OP, think very hard about where the puppy is from. Quiz the breeder about why the litter has been bred.

I agree with Peggy, though, that the blanket 'don't get a puppy now' line is silly: puppies that are ready to go now were conceived before Covid was an obvious threat and what the hell is the breeder going to do with them? They need, as a welfare issue, to start to go to their new homes.

But £3k for a maltipoo? Nope.

BiteyShark Thu 07-May-20 07:56:34

Wow, my WCS is 4 this year and I paid £900 for him which was on the high side but as his parents had several tests for DNA genetic conditions I was happy to pay a few hundred pounds extra for him compared to those without.

So whilst £3000 is actually not that high given the amount of money I have spent on my dog over the first 3 years I would be thinking very hard about paying that amount when there are plenty of other dogs that would match up for less cost.

inwood Thu 07-May-20 07:58:41

£3k for a cross breed? Let me guess on gumtree or somewhere similar?

My pedigree breed from a long line of champions including a few best in shows at crufts was £300. Admittedly he has a dodgy jawline and was bred for show and he wouldn't have succeeded so I was very lucky to get him. I quite like the fact he looks like gizmo anyway 😂

Whitney168 Thu 07-May-20 08:03:27

I have no issue with any well reared puppy whose parents have had all relevant health tests, be it pedigree or a cross.

I have major issues with farmed puppies, which whatever their breed are likely to be poorly reared, unsocialised with the potential for serious health issues and/or death.

If you get lucky and buy a physically and mentally healthy puppy, you are still consigning its parents to a life of hell, living in dark barns with minimal human contact and producing litters until they are no longer commercially viable. If they are lucky, they will then be shuffled off to another home. Many are not that lucky, and are killed and dumped.

A £3,000 crossbreed will be coming from the second type of breeder, no question. Please do not support it.

Ylvamoon Thu 07-May-20 09:11:40

I think for 3k is very steep. If you ca afford it and are dead set on one, go for it. Or have an other look around... you can get a health tested pedigree pupy for for a lot less!
Have a look at the Harvanese.... they still go for 1500-2k but you can find a health tested puppy, similar in looks to a Maltipoo.

vanillandhoney Thu 07-May-20 09:38:08

Oh dear OP. I hope you have your hard hat on.

A maltipoo isn't a breed - it's a cross between a Maltese and a poodle. Which is fine in itself, but the majority of crosses with fancy names like that come from puppy farms, often thinly disguised as "breeders". Whoever is advertising these dogs will need a license - as you now need one if you're breeding more than three litters a year, or you're breeding for profit - which anyone charging 3k a puppy is obviously doing.

Please don't line their pockets.

SqueakyChicken Thu 07-May-20 09:47:34

I think you will find that come next year when lockdown is over, prices will drop back down considerably. Everyone seems to want a puppy for lockdown, and the prices are going up as a reflection of this.

LochJessMonster Thu 07-May-20 13:07:55

We paid £1500 for our large cross breed/mutt/designer dog.
So although you will have to expect to pay high prices, £3000 is quite excessive.

I would expect £2000 maximum.

LunaFortuna Thu 07-May-20 17:04:39

Designer dog - gross.

What Whitney said - this is a puppy farmed dog. The mum (and probably the dad) will be pitiful, broken and destined for a life of suffering. Please don't support this.

talia66 Thu 07-May-20 17:34:07

That is so expensive! my dog is a Maltese / havenese cross and cost £600. x

SuitedandBooted Fri 08-May-20 20:06:15

Don't. Just don't.

Have a look at Many Tears Rescue, and you will see what happens to the breeding dogs from puppy farms. Multiple litters, and then chucked out at 4 or so. Like this little girl;

Don't hand your money over to people who abuse animals like that.

You'll meet people who say " Ohh, its fine - we bought our Cavachon/Jackaranian/stupidbloodyname from a good breeder". Yes, of course - that will be why there was no sign of the mother or father, no breeder's test or contract, no support with ongoing problems. People buy in litters and sell them on to the unwary mugs. Sometimes, they don't even live in the houses you go to - they just borrow it.

Wait until lockdown is over, there will be a lot of disgarded dogs around. If you must have a puppy, find a registered breeder of an actual breed, not random mongrel crosses.

We have a 7 year old Eurasier - she is beautiful, (sister did very well at Crufts). Her parents were fully tested, we had to sign a contract promising to return her to the breeder if we didn't want her, and had to keep them informed if we were going to breed from her. Also insured, first injections etc, plus brushes, food, toys and blanket her mother had slept with.

We still exchange christmas cards and pictures grin. She cost £1k.

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