Alternatives to Bravecto ?

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Apolloanddaphne Sun 03-May-20 06:16:33

My dog hates the Bravecto tablet so she has the Bravecto spot-on treatment that goes directly onto the skin.

BiteyShark Sun 03-May-20 05:54:36

I use nexgard spectra which is a monthly chew and treats most worms including lung worm, fleas and ticks.

StillMedusa Sun 03-May-20 00:00:15

Doggo ( nearly 1) had her Bravecto tablet yesterday. Today she has had quite bad diarrhoea. No change in her food or anything, so I'm pretty sure it's the tablet, and I have a feeling this happened last time too.
Obviously I want her to be protected as it's coming into tick/flea season.

Any reccomended alternatives (that work!) She's a double coated dog so tick hunting is pretty tricky!

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