Safety with new baby

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pilates Sat 02-May-20 21:09:13

I would get a playpen. I found them invaluable and that was without a dog!

MissSmith80 Sat 02-May-20 21:04:33

We have 2 dogs and have never left them unsupervised. But we found that the dogs were so aware of the baby it was never an issue. We used a bouncer, which the dogs just sat beside and looked at the new addition, a Moses basket and a playmat. We have a travel cot now he's older. We have always said 'gentle' which our little boy now knows to mean that he has to be careful with them too (he loves to grab their ears/tails etc).
We did send home a baby gro for the dogs to sniff before we brought him home but it's been amazing - they are all best buddies now and are going to have wonderful adventures together x

Ylvamoon Sat 02-May-20 20:59:12

I always had dogs with my DC, I had a travel cot and a baby swing. I only used the play mat if the dogs where in the garden/ their room.
I did often sit on the floor with the babies on my lap and dog sitting with me for cuddles.

vinoelle Sat 02-May-20 19:05:25

Im due with DC1 in 3 months and just wanted any advice/tips about how to happily co-exist with dogs and newborns. We have a large breed dog who has a heart of gold, so gentle, and love him to bits and want to make sure he stays just as much part of the family. I think he will welcome baby but of course i understand basic safety principles and would NEVER leave them alone etc.

My main thoughts are - is it worth getting a playpen or travel cot for the sitting room area so i can put baby on the floor? most of my friends seem to put their newborn on a playmat on the floor and as dog is so large i wouldn't want him near baby.

Or should i buy a playmat early and train him to keep off it? trouble is he always sits on any blankets etc on the floor as he thinks they are 'his'.

Dog doesn't go upstairs or on furniture so its mainly in the sitting room that I'm trying to think of a solution.

i will reiterate - im not suggesting this as an alternative to supervision - i would always supervise, and never leave them alone together.

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