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Collar or harness?

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SunshineOverStress Wed 29-Apr-20 09:07:06

I’ve always walked my Rhodesian ridgebacks on a half check collar however one of them is doing this dry reaching thing at the moment which we went to the vets about yesterday. She’s on omeprazole for ten days and if it doesn’t go then she will need to be sedated to investigate her throat further.

However, the vet suggested I also use a harness instead as she would recommend it for all big dogs. She doesn’t pull much on the lead only if she sees something she wants to chase etc.

What are your thoughts? Do you walk your dogs on a collar or a harness? If a harness, does anyone have any recommendations for one?

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Soubriquet Wed 29-Apr-20 09:08:59


I use perfect fit harness and it would be ideal for a RR as it has a front loop that can be used too.

I have chi’s so harnesses are better for their necks

vanillandhoney Wed 29-Apr-20 10:31:18

In your situation I would definitely switch to a collar. Collars can put pressure on the neck and can cause all sorts of problems if the dog pulls or has a tendency to veer suddenly to chase a smell.

vanillandhoney Wed 29-Apr-20 10:31:37

Argh! That should say switch to a harness.

Sparkles333 Wed 29-Apr-20 10:34:17

Definitely harness 👍
So much nicer for the dog 🐕

GeraltOfRivia Wed 29-Apr-20 11:15:40

I walk on a harness with my Dalmatian. See my active post though as he pulls a lot. Saves his throat.

Fudgewhizz Wed 29-Apr-20 13:39:30

You'll get a lot of collar V harness stuff on here but if your vet has recommended it then I'd go with it. Just make sure you get a Y-shaped one (def not a Julius K9 or similar as they restrict shoulder movement). Perfect Fit are great. Our retriever doesn't pull at all so ignore any comments about harnesses making them pull more, as long as you've trained it not to!

dochas06 Wed 29-Apr-20 13:47:18

Harness, I can’t remember the make, we have a corgi so it was hard to find one that fits well! She doesn’t pull at all on a harness, walks perfectly without it, won’t move an inch if you put a lead on her collar!

Poshjock Wed 29-Apr-20 14:06:58

100% harness. I use a Truelove harness because it's got a front and back D ring for use with a double ended long line lead and a back handle. I have so much control. The double lead sorted out pulling instantly. DH bought him a K9 because "it looks cool". I am not a fan of it tbh. It is too bulky and doesn't have a front ring. It does have a slot to attach a torch though!

Floralnomad Wed 29-Apr-20 17:31:20

Ours has always been walked in a harness as he has tracheal damage from repeated bouts of severe kennel cough as a Battersea puppy . He doesn’t pull .

Louise24902 Sat 02-May-20 00:49:56

I much prefer a harness for both my staffies. Ours both have Julius K9 harnesses, I know some people don't like them but I love them, they're so easy to fit and adjust if need be and my two don't pull so never had any problems

StillMedusa Sat 02-May-20 01:04:49

Perfect Fit harness all the way.
I've had a Julius K9 and a perfect fit. K9 is easy but the dog can back out of them and they restrict shoulder movement. The Perfect Fit are just that... no pressure anywhere and because the three pieces are individually sized, they really fit.

JKScot4 Sat 02-May-20 01:05:12

Increasing new research shows the many negative effects of collars, if you say she doesn’t pull why use a half check?
I use Julius K9 on my bull breeds & collie, sturdy, adjustable and the handle on back is useful too.
Also never leave a dog at home unattended wearing a collar, heard of too many dogs being strangled by collars catching on things.

SunshineOverStress Sat 02-May-20 08:38:38

I’ve ordered a harness! I use a half check because they are big strong dogs and like I mentioned if they see something they’d like to chase that’s when they’d pull.

They both never wear collars at home they’re naked! Thank you for the replies.

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