Bad breath

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EllieRay Wed 29-Apr-20 08:36:50

My dog has really bad breath. It's awful, so bad we are struggling to have her in the room with us.
We took her to the vets before Covid. And they said although her teeth didn't look too bad they could do a big clean to try and help. Nothing else was wrong.

Obviously we can't do the teeth clean at the moment anyway because it's non essential so I wondered if anyone had anything that could help in the mean time.

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sleepismysuperpower1 Wed 29-Apr-20 10:10:18

I haven't ever used it but this product is added to your dogs food and is meant to help keep their breath fresh. you might also want to try a teeth cleaning stick

vanillandhoney Wed 29-Apr-20 10:24:14

Raw bones are great for cleaning teeth.

RedRed9 Wed 29-Apr-20 10:25:51

What are you already using/doing?

Judashascomeintosomemoney Wed 29-Apr-20 10:28:25

Raw meaty bones are the best way. Dental sticks are not great for dogs. You can order marrow bones online from eg Natures Menu. Supervise your dog with it though and don’t leave the bone lying around after it’s finished.

frostedviolets Wed 29-Apr-20 13:51:54

If her teeth didn’t look bad/didn’t need a clean I’d be worried there might be a more serious problem underlying.

EllieRay Thu 30-Apr-20 15:21:46

Thanks all, the vet did check her over completely and also did a blood test to check I think it was her kidney function as she said that can sometimes be a cause of bad breath but everything came back fine.

It's a very fishy smell. She is an odd dog and doesn't really like chewing on much at all. Even bones!

We've tried a powder you put on their food before and it did nothing. Also tried various chews etc but like I said she isn't a fan so just leaves them.
Apart from that we just clean her teeth! She has no issue eating so I don't think she is in any pain from her teeth and she doesn't have much build up on them at all!

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frostedviolets Thu 30-Apr-20 15:48:39

It's* a very fishy smell. She is an odd dog and doesn't really like chewing on much at all. Even bones!*

Utterly vile, but, do you think her anal glands are leaking and in cleaning herself the smell is sticking on her fur, breath etc?

EllieRay Thu 30-Apr-20 18:45:59

@frostedviolets no I did think it could be that but the vet checked and said not full and no problems there so I doubt it is that?

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RedRed9 Thu 30-Apr-20 20:04:15

I was going to suggest the anal gland thing too.

It’s odd that you’re brushing her teeth and using plaque off powder on her food and she’s still got bad breath.

The vets didn’t see any sores?

EllieRay Thu 30-Apr-20 22:26:58

@RedRed9 no sores that the vet could see. She said they could possibly find something whilst she was under if they can have a better look but obviously can't do that at the moment anyway and I'm a bit reluctant to pay hundreds of pounds on the off chance it might make her breath better!

Could it just be that she is getting older? She's 7.

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gatsbylove Fri 01-May-20 06:24:27

What breed is she?

EllieRay Fri 01-May-20 12:02:32

Rhodesian ridgeback

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gatsbylove Fri 01-May-20 14:32:50

Ah. I was wondering if she was a breed with saggy lips that might have gotten sore in the folds but RRs tend to have clean, tidy mouths so that's my theory out the window grin

Louise24902 Sat 02-May-20 00:23:38

It could be the food that's making the breath smell, I have a staffie and he has great teeth, all very healthy but I notice that the smelly breath changes depending what food I give him.

However, I would highly recommend giving this tropiclean water additive a go, you just add it to their water - it has completely took the smell away from my dogs breath, I was reluctant as I'd tried a few things but it really did make a difference! You just add some to their water, doesn't have a smell and says on the bottle it doesn't have a taste and it's not put my dog off his water at all so must not have. But it's neutralised his breath completely! We ran out for a while there and didn't have time to get any and I definitely notice a difference between using it and not. Not expensive either really, I want to say it's about £8, I use the puppy one just because I have a puppy too but it's just as good as the adult one and I think in some shops its slightly cheaper for the puppy one😁

Louise24902 Sat 02-May-20 00:23:59

Meant to post the picture with that!

OliveToboogie Sat 02-May-20 16:16:33

I use Aquadent. You put it in dogs water. Doesn't taste as he drinks as normal but certainly notice a difference in

EllieRay Sat 02-May-20 16:56:44

Thanks have ordered the tropiclean for the water. Haven't tried anything in her water yet and she's more fussy with things in her food so hopefully won't notice this one!!

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Louise24902 Sun 03-May-20 01:33:43

@EllieRay hopefully it works for you, my dog was the same with things in food which is why we tried the tropiclean and it's made a massive difference! 😁

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