Puppy barking at night

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vanillandhoney Tue 28-Apr-20 11:06:25

It's probably just a phase. Mine used to do it as a puppy but now doesn't stir unless there's food involved grin I would just ignore him - any attention is good attention for a dog!

gatsbylove Tue 28-Apr-20 08:44:26

My guess would be, if your daughter totally ignores the noise and his reaction (other than to gently and calmly reassure if that's what she does), he will stop on his own.

At 12 weeks old he is likely in a fear phase where everything is just a bit scarier than normal and where he is learning what he really needs to be scared of. Providing nothing bad happens to him and any people/dogs around him appear unphased by the noises then he will settle to them.

TheletterZ Tue 28-Apr-20 08:36:48

I have an absolutely delightful 4 month old puppy. Everything is going really well (nearly there with toilet training, good on lead, great recall) only problem is barking during the night.

He sleeps either on my teen daughters bed, which we are happy with and want to continue if possible. If he hears anything he starts to bark, someone sneezing, son going to the toilet, cats wandering around etc...

About 5 barks and then settles quickly again when shushed but ideally we would like it to stop.

Any recommendations that we could try or just as he gets older he will get more used to the household noises and will start to ignore them?

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