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How can I train my dog not to bark at other dogs?

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oldtownroad Fri 24-Apr-20 15:43:18

I have 2 dogs. Both generally well behaved. They only bark indoors when someone comes to the door and stop immediately when told to.

They also bark in the garden when there is a cat or fox. I either head out to get them or shake the treat bag and they come straight in.

However on walks one of my dogs barks incessantly at other dogs. Since lockdown our local woods has been busier than usual and it's driving me mad. I have worked out that she is doing this out of fear and 'protecting' my other dog as she is much better when he is not around or on the lead. However it's obviously not fair to keep him on a lead just to stop her barking. We cannot go to parks otherwise the barking is just constant. The only thing that works is to pick her up, but I know I'm not solving the problem and potentially rewarding her? Her recall is really good, she comes to me straight away if I call and I give her a treat but then she just carries on barking (until the dog has passed). I have tried the water pistol and she doesn't care. I have a pet trainer spray which works for the garden but obviously I can't use this around other people's dogs (it apparently makes a noise they do not like).

Has anyone managed to successfully train such a reactive dog? Any tips or advice much appreciated.

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PragmaticWench Fri 24-Apr-20 21:34:00

I saw this article recently that made a lot of sense.

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