Eating grass/ foaming etc

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LochJessMonster Fri 24-Apr-20 17:14:37

My dog eats grass and then is sick and it makes a green/white foam in his mouth.

Dreamersandwishers Fri 24-Apr-20 13:08:53

Sounds like that may be it. That’s good, hopefully one less worry.

namechangenumber2 Fri 24-Apr-20 12:52:16

Hi @Dreamersandwishers , everything else is normal, not drinking anymore than usual etc. I'm now wondering if it could be linked with the fact I've noticed she's been hiding a chew in the garden? So she hid it probably a week or two ago and ever since has been digging it up, carrying it around then reburying it?! Next time she does it I'll take it off her.

No more froth since this morning so I'm going to keep a close eye on her and will give the vet a call if I'm worried.

Thanks for your advice

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Dreamersandwishers Fri 24-Apr-20 12:43:44

Grass eating in itself is not hugely significant, and right now it’s new growth and probably sweet, but foaming is not great.
Is she drinking more? Are her poos normal?
I would keep an eye and if it goes on call the vet ( or insurance helpline if you have one)

namechangenumber2 Fri 24-Apr-20 12:06:28


Our 2.5 year old small dog has been behaving a bit oddly for a few days.

One night she was sick once, she was also licking her lips a lot - I believe that means she felt sick?

Ever since she's been occasionally eating grass on walks.

This morning , DS commented that she had a small amount of foam between her lips. I checked her mouth and there was no more and nothing in her mouth. She also randomly shook her head a couple of times. She then licked away the foam and nothing has appeared since.

She's eating normally, playing normally ( active, chasing balls in the garden etc), no off lead play at the moment so confident shes not eaten something she shouldn't ( apart from the grass). Tail is up so she doesn't seem uncomfortable etc. We haven't changed her food or anything, no new plants in the garden etc.

Should we be worried? I am worried, but is this something that needs checking with a vet? Shall I just keep an eye on her?

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