Whats this on my dog?

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Redannie118 Thu 23-Apr-20 12:12:43

For background, 7year old healthy male JRT. Found this on the middle of his back while looking for ticks. Not hot or inflamed. The white bits feel raised- my nail clicks as i move over them. About the size of a 5p. Doesnt seem painful- dog was happy for me to have a poke at them. Dog has a very thin coat and we are used to him getting stuff stuck under his skin like grass seeds and little bits of nail from other dog- but they look nothing like this! Any ideas?

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Redannie118 Thu 23-Apr-20 19:37:13

Hopeful bump

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LittleCabbage Thu 23-Apr-20 19:39:08

Looks like a follicular cyst that has burst and is healing up. Nothing to worry about.

StormBaby Thu 23-Apr-20 19:40:56

Yes they are keratinous cysts, my dog gets them. They dry like grains of rice

Redannie118 Thu 23-Apr-20 20:34:56

Ah thats such a relief ! Thank you so much for replies smile

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