Buying a puppy during lockdown.

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PinkyAndTheBrian Wed 22-Apr-20 14:33:54

We are supposed to be picking a puppy up in a few weeks.
We’ve been waiting three years for this puppy.

Obviously if we’re on lockdown still we will wait, and the owner is happy to do so.

What I’m wondering is what’s supposed to happen in these cases? Presumably there’ll be lots of litters that were planned before coronavirus, what will happen to them all?

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AndNoneForGretchenWieners Wed 22-Apr-20 14:38:09

My stepson collected his puppy last week, two weeks later than planned due to an isolation period by the breeder. They did a lot of the advice and guidance chats about the puppy's personality, needs and upkeep by facetime before collection, and the breeder is maintaining virtual contact regularly for questions and to check things are going well. I don't know how usual this approach is across the country though, it seemed to work for him. The only difficulty was scheduling the jabs, I don't know what's happening there.

PinkyAndTheBrian Wed 22-Apr-20 14:41:28

I’ve spoken to a local vet who has the opinion that picking up the puppy would count as an essential journey (not sure I believe her?) due to socialisation and vaccinations.

The practice are resuming normal vaccination appointments so that won’t be an issue.

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PinkyAndTheBrian Wed 22-Apr-20 14:42:31

We have a farm so are very isolated anyway, and I imagine a no contact pick up will be easily arranged.

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GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Wed 22-Apr-20 15:22:52

The advice on the Kennel Club website is that breeders can deliver. They seem to have worked it out with DEFRA. I can probably find you the link if you like.

When you think about it, it makes sense: a large litter will start to be a welfare issue very quickly in most family homes, or even in kennels if there isn't space. It's also incredibly difficult for a breeder to socialise a whole litter as it grows up under normal circumstances, never mind now.

PinkyAndTheBrian Wed 22-Apr-20 15:29:32

Yes that makes sense.
I’d love the link please.

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jinxpixie Wed 22-Apr-20 18:59:26

KC advice


PinkyAndTheBrian Wed 22-Apr-20 20:09:18

@jinxpixie that’s helpful, thank you!

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GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Wed 22-Apr-20 21:41:39

I'm glad jinx linked to it, I've only just seen your comment, OP.

This is the relevant bit from the KC advice that can be found via the link above:

There will be many existing litters of puppies and kittens and some will currently be ready to be re-homed. The ban on third party sales of puppies and kittens (known as Lucy’s Law) came into effect on 6th April 2020 in England. Although it is recommended not to do so under that legislation and as general best practice, during the coronavirus pandemic because of travel restrictions, it is necessary to allow the breeder to take the puppy or kitten to their new home as collection by the purchaser is restricted. This is acceptable providing the animal is at least eight weeks of age and any viewing of them with their mother and litter mates can be achieved electronically. For the duration of the lockdown in these exceptional circumstances the breeder must ensure that when taking the puppy or kitten to a home address that journey times are minimised, preferably less than six hours, and that the handover can be achieved whilst maintaining social distancing.

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