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weebarra Tue 21-Apr-20 22:24:41

I have done an AS on this but can't find anything. We are hoping to welcome our new puppy (lab) in 3/4 weeks.
I have been glued to the doghouse so have a pretty good idea re socialisation etc but would like a good guide to training.
I know it can be a contentious area and obviously we'll go to puppy training classes, but a bit of guidance would be nice!

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Girlintheframe Wed 22-Apr-20 06:48:18

We didn't do any formal training until puppy class at 16 weeks.
We did do toilet training, crate, socialization and listening to noises off you tube (thunder, fireworks etc). Oh and also got him used to wearing a lead.
You could always teach the basics like sit, down, stay and give?

I would have a think about what behavior you do/don't want. So going up on the sofa/beds etc and train pup accordingly.
We made an effort not to give pup any of our food to avoid begging. Settle would be a good one to teach too and also gently getting pup used to being on his own.
Enjoy your new pup.

Girlintheframe Wed 22-Apr-20 06:50:00

Have a look at Zac George on you tube. He has some great videos to help train pups.

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Wed 22-Apr-20 08:27:07

The Pet Gundog books by Lez Graham are well recommended. Total Recall by Pippa Mattinson is helpful too.

midnightstar66 Wed 22-Apr-20 08:38:59

Dd10 is glued to Zac George on YouTube in prep for puppy coming next week

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Wed 22-Apr-20 08:43:15

Also do things to, in the nicest way, toughen your puppy up. Leave him or her alone for short stretches of time, or scatter kibble for pup to hunt for in the grass, and also introduce in a gradual way as many novel experiences as you can. Clatter pan lids - for example at feeding time - and once pup is happy with that level of noise, ramp it up a bit. Switch lights on and off. Shout a bit - not at pup, just for desensitisation (and again, start slowly, build up). Take the puppy in the car not just to the vet but for nice things too. Get the pup used to sand, bare soil, rough grass, tarmac, concrete, mud, rain, the garden hose, water. You want to build resilience and stability with little tiny bits of stress that are smaller than the reward, so the puppy thinks, if I do this strange or tricky thing, I'll get a cuddle or a game or a treat.

You can also start on recall - call or whistle the puppy to you when its food is ready. I'd also start on sit at this stage too, but just very gently.

jinxpixie Wed 22-Apr-20 10:10:49

Best book easy peasy puppy squeezy

MakeLemonade Wed 22-Apr-20 10:16:13

Recommend the Happy Puppy Handbook by Pippa Mattinson. She also runs thelabradorsite and is v.experienced with breed.

We are 3/4 weeks in and my top tip would be puppy proof like crazy. Then go round and do it again. And one more time! Especially if you have children. Labs really do eat everything they can get their paws on!

Crate/settle training is important too so decide on how you will manage it and what you want to do from the off so you can prepare and be consistent from the word go.

Mostlydrinkingtea Wed 22-Apr-20 14:00:15

I am 4 weeks in with a spaniel puppy. It's good to expose them to lots of different sounds, situations, people and environments at the beginning. I took ours out in my arms / carried in a bag on busy roads etc. Go in the car. Take to the vet for a check up if you are allowed. Whenever they see something new, give a treat so they associate new things positively.

Kikopup on youtube has lots of good advice, easy to follow. Decide if you want to use a crate and if you do read up on how to crate train. There is a FB site called Dog Training and Advice which I found really useful. They have units of information on all aspects of puppy and dog training.

Good luck!

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