Dog acting strangely

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MiriamShepherd Mon 20-Apr-20 13:45:46

I have a six year old dog, her breed (I can't say because it would give me away) is known for being quite yappy, I manage this quite well and call her in whenever I hear her barking too much.
The problem is, she's taken a disliking to the side of my house, she begs to go out even if she's just been out and runs down the side of the house to bark and growl.
I've checked repeatedly to see what she's barking at but there's nothing there, it's a small area so I would definitely know if something wasn't right. My neighbours don't go into their garden at all, so it's not as though she's barking at them, she's just, barking, has anyone come across this before? How do I work on this with her?

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pigsDOfly Mon 20-Apr-20 14:53:49

Is it possible that she's hearing 'new' noises?

Are more people at home recently? Could it be coming from across the road if you can't hear it?

My dog became more barky - also considered a barky breed - when lockdown started and more people were at home making lots of strange noises that they wouldn't normally be around to make.

She's calmed down again now, thankfully.

I worked really hard when she was a puppy - she's 9 years old now - training her not to bark at everything, and I was horrified when all the training seemed to go out the window.

I just went back to her original training with it. Fortunately, I can tell her to 'calm down' and it generally works, if it doesn't I take her inside. She loves being outside, digging and generally nosing around so soon got the hang of it.

Although, if your dog is barking at something she's frightened off it might require a bit more rewarding and encouragement to get her over it and build up her confidence.

pigsDOfly Mon 20-Apr-20 14:54:55

*frightened of, not frightened off.

MiriamShepherd Thu 23-Apr-20 11:24:50

Sorry I haven’t been back ima few days, I’ve been following your advice though, whenever she barks I go outside and (without saying a word) bring her in, the barking has, well in all honesty got worse and now she’s peeing inside, I think she must be picking up on the differences, the problem with the peeing is she always does it when I’m not around so I can’t tell her off,

She’s a very loving dog, and I adore her, I wish I could speak to her and find out what’s going on.

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vanillandhoney Thu 23-Apr-20 12:16:53

the problem with the peeing is she always does it when I’m not around so I can’t tell her off

You shouldn't tell a dog off for having accidents.

If she's having behavioural changes I would speak to a vet.

MiriamShepherd Thu 23-Apr-20 12:29:24

The issue here is I don’t believe she’s having accidents, I had a dog previously who suffered with incontinence, so I have seen the difference, she isn’t showing the signs of that,

I will speak with the vet certainly, I hadn’t considered she may be having behavioural changes

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pigsDOfly Fri 24-Apr-20 11:40:41

Whatever the reason for the peeing, please don't tell her off whether you're around at the time or not.

She's not doing it because she's trying to push your buttons and telling her off will just stress her more.

Yes, this is definitely something to ask the vet about.


vanillandhoney Fri 24-Apr-20 11:45:21

The issue here is I don’t believe she’s having accidents

It doesn't matter, you shouldn't tell a dog off for going to the toilet in the wrong place. It won't teach them anything.

Any change in behaviour (that isn't just a one-off) should be brought up with the vet, just in case. If she's barking outside, something may have scared her and it could be causing her to toilet inside. She could be in pain or have UTI - both of those things can cause a change in behaviour and toilet habits.

CornishPorsche Fri 24-Apr-20 11:47:18

Back to the beginning with toilet training then - outside every 30mins, encourage her peeing.

As for the side of the house - could you have a hedgehog anywhere nearby? Mind is fixated on them. Could something have dug a hole and be living in it? A bee colony in a wall? Wasps nest somewhere?

MiriamShepherd Fri 24-Apr-20 13:08:32

To help her with her toileting I have spent the morning cleaning everything she pees on with bicarbonate and white vinegar (apparently it’s removes the odour) along with mopping the floors with it, I’ve also as advised sent her outside every half hour to help her and praised her for peeing outside,

Whenever she has barked I’ve continued bringing her in and she seems to be getting the message with that,

My vet is doing consultations over the phone at the moment and so I’m waiting for a call back, I do appreciate all the advice and won’t tell her off if
it could cause her stress smile she’s such an angel I have no idea where all this has come from

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