Tell me your stories about Goldendoodles?

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lostguider Sun 19-Apr-20 13:52:58

In my search for a family dog someone suggested a labradoodle, however I have found Goldendoodles, do you have one, can you tell me about them please?

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LochJessMonster Sun 19-Apr-20 14:15:07

We have 3 in our extended family, all from the same breeder.
Amazing and beautiful.
2 don’t shed at all, 1 sheds very little.
Ours are standard poodle x goldies so are big - like bigger than we thought!
Amazing temperaments, clever, easy to train, friendly, healthy.
Do need regularly grooming.
Coat types vary slightly but as they are from the same breeder, 2 different litters a few years apart, same mum, different dads, the breeder could tell us roughly what the coat type would be by looking at the puppy. One is slightly more ‘shaggy’ coated, the other two are more ‘fluffy, curly’ coated.

Both parents had all necessary health checks for their breeds.

MN hates doodle crosses but ours are the best decision we made.
We’ve had various breeds, some rescues, some puppies. These are probably the only breed we would consider in the future.

I’ll get slated for all this but I don’t care. Also we paid >£1000 for each puppy. Yes it’s expensive for a ‘mongrel’ but we don’t own fancy cars and handbags. We chose to spend our money on a dog. And they are worth every single penny.

LochJessMonster Sun 19-Apr-20 14:15:57

Oh, in our experience we feel goldendoodles are slightly calmer than labradoodles, which might make them a better family pet.

Hoppinggreen Sun 19-Apr-20 17:07:00

I have a Golden Retriever but I do know 2 Goldendoodles too.
They are very big, bigger than my Goldie and not as calm
I like them and did consider one before we got our dog but I think we made the right decision

fivedogstofeed Sun 19-Apr-20 18:00:53

I've known a few, all of them have been generally good natured but huge, boisterous and way too much dog for their inexperienced owners who bought from puppy farmers.
Lovely looking, but with very high maintenance coats.
They're very popular with puppy farmers so if you decide to buy one you'll need to be aware of the vile industry you're supporting.

LochJessMonster Sun 19-Apr-20 18:10:04

*you'll need to be aware of the vile industry you're supporting*- ‘might’ be supporting. Not all crossbreeds come from puppy farms just like not all pedigrees come from responsible breeders.
You should do the same amount of research no matter the breed.

Ellmau Sun 19-Apr-20 21:13:02

I know one who was a reject from a breeding programme for disabled assistance dogs. (She failed her training due to ‘lacking focus’ which turned out to be a euphemism for being batshit crazy.)


Handsnotwands Sun 19-Apr-20 21:24:47

Surely the D comes for LabraDor. They must surely be goldenoodles? That’s all I have to add. Soz

Kaykay066 Sun 19-Apr-20 21:38:43

I have a golden retriever but can’t see the pull for dogs mixed with poodles, my golden is massive can’t imagine something bigger than him but not as lovely we are getting a retriever pup next year current is ex guide dog

frostedviolets Sun 19-Apr-20 23:37:27

I may have this entirely wrong, but, are you the poster that initially wanted a Sprocker then a cockerpoo and now a golden doodle..?

If so, as I said in that thread, what on earth is this bizarre fascination with cross breeds all of a sudden (not just referring to yourself here)

Why not a springer spaniel or a cocker spaniel or a poodle or a golden retriever?
It’s just bizarre!

If you wouldn’t want one of the parent breeds, a golden retriever for example, then you have no business getting a retriever x poodle (goldendoodle) as there is a good chance the puppy could inherit most of the retriever traits.

The majority of poodle crosses are pretty much indistinguishable in looks from sensibly clipped poodles so if it’s the ‘look’ that is mostly appealing, I would advise you to just get a poodle, they are less likely to be puppy farmed, usually cheaper, they come in 3 sizes and lots of colours.

If you are the poster I think you are (and I may of course be remembering wrong) you disnt give much to go on as to what you are looking for apart from ‘good family pet’, gets on with your cat and happy with 1hour walk a day.

Springers, cockers and sprockers, cockerpoos, labradoodles are all working gundog breeds. Even the poodle; it was originally a water retrieving dog.

They are intelligent, high energy dogs and chances are good they will have a moderate to high prey drive too.

Girlintheframe Mon 20-Apr-20 06:05:39

I met a golden doodle when out walking a few days ago. He was massive! Much bigger than a golden retriever. He was gorgeous but all I could think was how filthy he would get. I'm not particularly house proud either but he was a lot of dog!

freezincoldandlovinit Mon 20-Apr-20 06:36:35

I have a mini goldendoodle and we love him. He was bred from 2 mini goldendoodles, and so his grandparents were mini poodles and golden retrievers. He is very sweet and doesn't shed at all but he can be highly strung like a poodle. My teenagers love him as he's a great size to carry around and he's become the baby of the family now.

winniesanderson Mon 20-Apr-20 07:18:17

A relative has one. He's gorgeous, lots of fluffy wavy fur which does shed a bit. However, whether it be due to age, breeding, training, or personality, he can be extremely hard work. Very stubborn, jumpy and very mouthy. Loves the chase. He's sweet natured in lots of ways but in my circumstances I definitely wouldn't choose to have one.

TeddyIsaHe Mon 20-Apr-20 07:24:33

How do you get a mini golden doodle? Breed a retriever with a mini poodle? Because wtf if so,

Bluewater1 Mon 20-Apr-20 07:26:47

I have a golden doodle labradoodle cross (known as a double doodle it ultimate doodle).she is a lovely nature. Coat can be a alot of work. She is very bouncy and loves a good bark at anything that moves. Lovely with the kids.

Bluewater1 Mon 20-Apr-20 07:27:23

Or not it

rookiemere Mon 20-Apr-20 07:38:49

We have one - although we think there's a bit of setter in there as well. He is big, but he has a lovely personality. Hardly ever barks - he's moaning gently atm as DH taking too long to get ready for his walk - very gentle, doesn't jump up at people , and would have made a good therapy dog in my humble opinion. He doesn't shed a lot - did when growing out puppy coat, but he does get matted quite easily. He's not super curly so doesn't need as much grooming.

We bought him privately from a lady who owns 2 herself. We have meet ups with the other doodles from the litter, and she seems to genuinely care about all the dogs. Ours was the last puppy to be picked up and he slept in her teens bed the night before we got him.

Downside he is huge, but to be fair I've seen our neighbours small spaniel being a lot more destructive and jumpy so size isn't everything.

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