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Help! I think my puppy has lice!

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Louise212 Sat 18-Apr-20 00:10:14

Heya, I was hoping that someone on here might be able to help me identify what I believe to be canine chewing louse on our new puppy!

After getting our new puppy we noticed some biting and itching and discovered what looks similar to sesame seeds in his fur. He was at the vets the next day so after giving him a very gentle wash and comb we put him to bed to see what the vet would say during his health check. We couldnt go in with him due to social distancing measures which is understandable. They have gave him the all clear with no signs of any live infestations and a clean bill of health.
Me and DH brought him home and saw him scratch straight away. We ran the comb through him and lo and behold full of lice(?) again! Hoping someone can tell me what these horrible things are and tell me ainbu to be a bit peeved at vet?!

Thankyou for any help and advice in advance! smile

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