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ellabella18 Fri 17-Apr-20 09:32:45

For the past week my 6 month old puppy has started pooing in her bed every single night, she has never done this before, not even when she first came home. The mess has been pretty solid until yesterday when she did diarrhoea all over the carpet in addition to her solid poo in her crate. This morning it was back to being solid. She's not off her food or lethargic and I really don't know what has brought this on, I'm so worried about her and very stressed at constantly having to clean up poo with everything else going on at the moment.
Any ideas? I'm desperate and the vets are closed😔

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BiteyShark Fri 17-Apr-20 09:43:46

Where is the crate? Could it be that she simply needs to toilet and you can't hear her so she is forced to soil her bed?

TDL2016 Fri 17-Apr-20 09:45:34

Walk her more then and put her crate somewhere you can hear her so you can let her out if she needs to go in the night.

ellabella18 Fri 17-Apr-20 09:58:31

I don't think this is because we can't hear her, as I mentioned it's a new thing, until now she hasn't done this once since we brought her home in December.

She is walked once a day and has constant access to the garden, she's only a very small low energy dog anyway so I don't think lack of walking is the problem. We take her out to the toilet every evening before we go to bed as we always have. I really don't know what could be the problem.

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M0chaJoe Fri 17-Apr-20 10:01:07

It'll be a pain but maybe consider setting an alarm for , say, a good hour or so before you know she does it. 6am? 5am? And quietly get up and take her outside . Give her the command to go to the toilet and see if she does. And then just pop her back in bed

BiteyShark Fri 17-Apr-20 10:04:44

I think dogs change a lot during the first year of their life including exercise, food and toileting habits. Mine would often need a very early morning poo and get me up in the early hours but now he doesn't need to poo until much later in the day.

Whilst it would be good to get a vet check just to be sure I wouldn't be surprised that she just needs to toilet and is now being forced to soil her bed. I would up the exercise in the evening by making sure she gets a good run about as movement encourages pooing. Then I would be making sure you can hear her by getting a baby monitor to see what time this is happening so you can get up and take her out before it happens and then look at changing the timings of feeding and exercise.

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