I think I assembled my dog wrong?

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Soubriquet Wed 15-Apr-20 16:45:45


Make sure you read those instructions carefully

On another note..how on Earth is she comfortable

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SunshineCake Wed 15-Apr-20 18:20:53

grin. Very sweet.

Wolfiefan Wed 15-Apr-20 18:24:13

They’re supposed to look like that!

Mrsmorton Wed 15-Apr-20 18:24:32

Such a cutie.

Soubriquet Wed 15-Apr-20 18:25:44


Is that the new pupper Wolfie?

Nice to see even big dogs can’t quite get their beds right

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Windyatthebeach Wed 15-Apr-20 18:34:52

Normal here...

billybagpuss Wed 15-Apr-20 18:39:40

Yep quite normal 😂


Windyatthebeach Wed 15-Apr-20 18:52:01

Only a small space required here...

ChateauMyself Wed 15-Apr-20 18:55:29

That is ridiculous Windy. grin

Soubriquet Wed 15-Apr-20 18:56:05

Hah! I love that I’ve literally folded in half!

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Windyatthebeach Wed 15-Apr-20 19:00:54

Guess how many ddogs are here...

Soubriquet Wed 15-Apr-20 19:02:19


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BreathlessCommotion Wed 15-Apr-20 19:03:21

One of her more comfortable looking poses.

RemotelessControl Wed 15-Apr-20 19:09:11


Soubriquet Wed 15-Apr-20 19:11:35

Another couple of positions

Funnily enough, the other one doesn’t do funny sleeping positions hmm

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Windyatthebeach Wed 15-Apr-20 19:11:54

4 is correct!!
And 3 CAN fit on 1 ddog bed...

Windyatthebeach Wed 15-Apr-20 19:13:32


PickAChew Wed 15-Apr-20 19:15:47

@RemotelessControl DH often sleeps like that! I have to nudge his head out of the way so I can get into bed!

Ylvamoon Wed 15-Apr-20 19:22:23

That's how it's done... always use the cushion to support the head! grin

Windyatthebeach Wed 15-Apr-20 19:26:05

New dcat beds.
They never even got to set on paw in...

RemotelessControl Wed 15-Apr-20 19:29:23

So many ridiculous pointy dogs smile

hiredandsqueak Wed 15-Apr-20 19:36:41

Bella didn't get the "use a cushion for your head" memo

Windyatthebeach Wed 15-Apr-20 19:43:13

Dpuppy isn't fussy about a bed. Any place will do..

Soubriquet Wed 15-Apr-20 19:46:31

My two love a good cuddle to sleep too

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Wolfiefan Wed 15-Apr-20 19:51:28

No @soubriquet. That’s big girl. Here’s the little pickle.

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