Moved from flat to house - dog and stairs

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BrownOwlknowsbest Wed 15-Apr-20 16:51:04

I think some of your problem here is that from your dog's point of view you vanished for several weeks and now have taken him to a strange place. Of course he is not going to let you out of his sight. You may have to work round his desire to be with you for a few days until he realises that you are not going to vanish again. Once he is settled back in you can work on leaving him downstairs for a while. Just build it up slowly as you would with a puppy or a new rescue.

Finallybloodydoneit Tue 14-Apr-20 21:14:45

Also, just to add he always slept in the kitchen in our flats/not on the bed or in our room so is used to a degree of separation!

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Finallybloodydoneit Tue 14-Apr-20 21:11:38

Please help!

Moved to a house after only ever living in flats with our spaniel. We do not want him upstairs due to carpet/baby’s rooms etc. He was at the kennels for a few weeks due to the move/building works and he came home today. He is absolutely going ballistic when we go upstairs and barking the house down. We are in a semi detached house so very conscious of the neighbours. Tried leaving lovely treats for him etc but he won’t touch them unless we are downstairs with him. Also wanted to give him the run of downstairs as it’s nice and spacious but that seemed to upset him even more than being in a smaller section of downstairs/away from the stairgate.

Any advice?

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