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Difficult 12 month old lab

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Susue999 Mon 13-Apr-20 21:02:36

Really struggling with our Labrador. She is 12 months and has poor recall even from garden. Last wee at night is terrible as she just will not come in. She pulls stuff off the line ripping it up as she runs round the garden. Pinches any kids toy that’s accidentally left out and just will not listen to us. Very difficult inside the house too jumping up and pinching things. No one else in the family wants her around so although I’d assumed by now she would be spending most of her time with us in the main house she really isn’t, I know this then makes her lonely etc. We did some training but I was very ill so was a little half hearted. Im fully aware that the main issue is inexperienced owners. At training just kept being told she was bold and a challenge. Today she jumped up at my 5 year old nipped at her fleece pulled her to the ground and pulled her along until I eventually got control with a very stern voice. I feel terribly sad that we have really let this dog down but obviously children come first. Do you think there is still hope?

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WeAllHaveWings Mon 13-Apr-20 22:50:47

Depends on whether you and your whole family are fully committed to her. This means 2-3 decent walks a day, training everyday, consistent behaviour around her by everyone, consistent boundaries, having her in the house and teaching her how to behave with positive reinforcement. It won't happen overnight or without a huge ongoing commitment for a dog in its teenage phase that has been neglected.

Winterlife Mon 13-Apr-20 23:01:42

These are attention seeking behaviours, coupled with puppy behaviour.

You have to show your dog that all good things in life come only from you. By that, I mean treats and positive attention. Reward good behaviour with affection and a doggy treat. You have to be consistent, though. You also should use a stern voice when she is misbehaving.

Labradors also need a lot of exercise. Take her for long walks at least once a day.

itstrue Mon 13-Apr-20 23:22:39

We had issues at about 12 months. She learnt that getting things meant we would chase her to get them back and it became a great game for her. Once we stopped chasing her it got better quickly.

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