Help with reactive 1 year old lab

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Lightuptheroom Mon 13-Apr-20 17:10:13

We adopted a 1 yr old lab about a month before lockdown, she went into season just after we got her and we were due to start training classes literally as lockdown came into force, so nothing is running at the moment.
She walks really well on harness and halti (has throat problems so can't use a collar).
Difficulty is she is very reactive to other dogs, only has to see one and will start to bark, then starts to jump and lunge. At the moment we're distracting her with a treat and walking on, but like this morning we had 3 dogs coming from different directions and she all but starts to spin, jump and bark at the same time! Is there anything else we can do apart from distraction with treats? She's not aggressive with the barking and isn't anywhere near the dogs, but we don't want to leave it months and then find she lunges at the first dog she gets close to

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eatanazurecrayon Mon 13-Apr-20 17:16:45

Continue with what you're doing. Possibly add in a clicker. She will settle down...teenagers 🙄

LochJessMonster Mon 13-Apr-20 17:28:40

You need to just distract and walk in the opposite direction until you are far enough from the stimuli to control her and then reward with treats for cam behaviour.

I’ve taught mine a ‘what this’ command which basically means I have a treat. So when we see a dog I say ‘what’s this’ and lead him away from the dog whilst rewarding the calm behaviour.

Means you have to be constantly alert for other dogs but he is massively improving from going mental at dogs the other side of the road to being calm passingwithin 1m so far.

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