The house feels empty

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Maladicta Thu 09-Apr-20 16:12:11

Ddog was put to sleep this morning. He had deteriorated really suddenly so it was the kindest thing to do but the hardest.

He was an older rescue, he was 8/9 when we got him nearly 4 years ago. He brought so much happiness to all of us and I really can't believe I won't feel his fluffy head again.

Please give your dogs a huge hug for me and for Zoli.

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Windyatthebeach Thu 09-Apr-20 16:14:42

5 weeks since ddog was pts here. Still have 4 but it's so very quiet...

spiderlight Thu 09-Apr-20 16:46:20

So very sorry, both of you. Beautiful dogs. There really is no pain like it sad

Windyatthebeach Thu 09-Apr-20 17:02:59

We also live at the beach and ddog had a great life here!

ProfessorHasturLaVista Thu 09-Apr-20 17:03:16

I’m so sorry. There’s nothing like the space they leave when we say goodbye. Lovely Zoli, he looks like a bundle of sandy fun!
It does get better, I promise. You might worry you’ll forget but you won’t, it will just be less painful a little every day or week. ❤️

sunglasses123 Thu 09-Apr-20 17:05:36

What a beautiful rottie and so majestic

Judashascomeintosomemoney Thu 09-Apr-20 17:07:53

flowers Ah, he was so cheeky looking! So sorry for your loss. We have lost a few oldies as we tend to only rehome oldsters, you never get used to it, and they all leave their indelible mark on your heart even if their time with you is short. Look after yourselves and take solace in the fact Zoli had a loving home and an excellent last few years with you, and you with him.


sunglasses123 Thu 09-Apr-20 17:14:07

Windy - do you have 4 rotties??

Windyatthebeach Thu 09-Apr-20 18:51:37

Omg I so wish!!

notquiteruralbliss Thu 09-Apr-20 19:39:45

Our oldest was PTS yesterday. We have 4 others but will miss her hugely.

Mummyshark2018 Thu 09-Apr-20 19:43:10

So sorry to hear that! They really are a part of the family and I'm sure he'll be hugely missed x

Windyatthebeach Thu 09-Apr-20 20:08:37

Op your ddog looks like a Teddy!!
Was he very cuddly?
Ours was quite aloof unless she decided she wanted company or a cuddle.
Then 8 stone sat on you until she had had enough!

mrsstapletonwannabe Fri 10-Apr-20 04:37:13

So sorry.

Honey-dog was also pts yesterday.

Sending thanks to you

Shopgirl1 Fri 10-Apr-20 09:59:54

So sorry for your loss.
My little terrier was put to sleep on Monday, we had 11 lovely years with her. My house feels so empty and quiet. It’s so painful.

trimtops Fri 10-Apr-20 15:10:40

Big hugs to you.

My cocker spaniel was put to sleep 4 weeks ago today, I haven't even put her bed away yet. She was 12 years old, and I'm rattling about this house for 12 weeks by myself.
I miss her so.

Onabusgoingnowhere Sat 11-Apr-20 21:14:23

My boy was pts about 6 weeks ag

Onabusgoingnowhere Sat 11-Apr-20 21:19:33

Sorry posted too soon. My boy was pts about 6 weeks ago and I think about him every day. He was 11 and had mouth cancer which was very aggressive. I still cry and think of him every day. I desperately want another dog - not to replace him (impossible) but because it’s so empty without a dog. But I’m getting divorced so a dog that’s just mine is my end goal. Sending you love x

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