Change in behaviour/ aggression / brain issue?

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LuluBellaBlue Thu 09-Apr-20 11:58:42

Maybe, will check what vets said re pain and if they prescribed any painkillers (I don’t think so)
Last night, the person was no where near or a threat to him or his owner, so strange why the dog did it. Before this, he really was one of the softest dogs I’ve ever known. So sad

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Buzzer3555 Thu 09-Apr-20 11:55:30

It sounds like he is in pain. I hope the mri can be done asap for everyone's safety incuding the dog.

LuluBellaBlue Thu 09-Apr-20 11:50:49

Asking for a good friend who’s not on here...

He has a 7 year old boxer. Always been a very placid gentle boy.

Around 3 weeks ago he suddenly started drinking lots and lots of water, became quiet and listless, and slight loss of appetite.

Vets did blood tests, everything came back clear.

Now in the past 2 weeks he’s snapped at 2 different people, yesterday he lunged over a metre and caught someone on their face. It punctured the skin but won’t need stitches etc so seems to be a snap from fear, not a proper attack.

Has anyone else every come across this in a dog?
We wonder if it’s something like a brain growth...
The next step is an MRI which my friend is going to save for and in the meantime totally isolate the dog from anyone (obviously easy at the moment).

The worry is being such a large dog, he could do so much damage. He’s not shown any warning signs before the attacks, no triggers, otherwise is his usual soft self so it’s completely unpredictable.

Does anyone have any thoughts or experience that we might have missed?

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