Puppy suddenly stopped using puppy pads?

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Worriedaboutcovid19 Tue 07-Apr-20 19:30:33

Hello, our 12 week old puppy was trained and going on puppy pads within the home. However he suddenly now has started pooing on the 'welcome' mats at home and weeing wherever he is 30% of the time.

Nothing has changed in regards to his routine.

Any advice on what to do?

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Floralnomad Tue 07-Apr-20 20:09:53

12 weeks would be very early to have a dog completely housetrained , and unfortunately using pads generally makes the whole process harder as you are confusing the poor animal about where is an acceptable place to toilet - which is outside . You need to go back to the basics of taking him out every 20-30 minutes when he’s awake and watching him like a hawk .

Sennetti Tue 07-Apr-20 20:13:17

treats treats treats!!!

reward good behaviour and totally ignore him seeing where he shouldn't,he will learn

Worriedaboutcovid19 Tue 07-Apr-20 21:40:39

So if the puppy bad in on the backdoor.. And he does it in the middle of that room but i don't catch it until later what do i do?

I don't believe in punishment as puppy doesn't know what hes done wrong by then! But if i don't catch him in the immediate act its too late!!

Hes a toy breed so i don't mind him to continue going on the mat long term!

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Skeeter2020 Tue 07-Apr-20 21:46:32

Poor dog should be being taken outside every 30 mins or so. If the dog does a week inside you should take him outside immediately. If when you take him out every 30 mins or so he goes outside, give him a treat. Puppy pads are lazy and counter productive

nancyjuice7 Tue 07-Apr-20 21:53:22

We never used puppy pads as we read a lot that it confuses them. One day your saying it's okay to wee in the house, and the next day your not?

I'd got back to basics and just do outside. Taken them outside every 15-20 mins for the first week and then every 30.
Up to an hour once they're trained

Ignore accidents and rewards with treats and lots of praise

Our puppy was trained in a week or two

MissShapesMissStakes Tue 07-Apr-20 22:00:56

I agree with pps about puppy mats just confusing them.

Puppy needs to be taken out very often. Also look for their body language just before. Our puppy used to sniff the floor a lot and turn in circles before going, so we could usually get him outside before it happened and then reward.

Also we had door bells. They learn that to get out the doors bells need to be rung. We just hung them on the door and so every time we went out they would ring.
My dog is almost 2 now and he still rings the bells on the back door to ask to go outside.


MiniatureRed Tue 07-Apr-20 22:29:58

I was coming on here to say I've read great things about door bells, like MissShapes said!


Glittercandle Tue 07-Apr-20 22:33:10

I also didn’t use puppy pads, went straight to using the garden otherwise you need to train twice.
As already mentioned take puppy outside every 30 mins and rewards when they toilet.

Floralnomad Tue 07-Apr-20 23:02:10

Even with a toy breed why would you want to have a dog peeing and pooing indoors , it’s totally unnecessary and quite disgusting .

Kaykay066 Sun 12-Apr-20 15:39:53

Also confused with puppy pads? I thought they were to catch an accident?
I have a guide dog ex pup and he is trained to go on command so busy busy on any surface...I ignored accidents and praised when he did it outside, it’s really hard work having a puppy though and you will become attuned to your dogs cues for needing or what they do prior to going but there will be accidents but try and take dog to area you want them to go in once you notice an accident and move on, ignore the pads as I think that’s very confusing. We are thinking of getting a pup in the winter name is down so will be going through the same myself soon enough, once trained things get much easier smile

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