Eye problem - one fully dilated pupil

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WeAllHaveWings Thu 02-Apr-20 01:59:17

Can't sleep. Ddog (labrador 7th birthday yesterday!), has something going on with his eye. After a really strange video consultation with the vet in the afternoon (try clearly showing a close up of the eyeball of a black dog on a live call that doesn't want you too!) he then went in for a consultation (while I social distanced outside in the car).

One of his eyes (left), the pupil has fully dilated and it looks closed/droopy. He is occasionally pawing at it.

They did pressure tests for glaucoma which were ok, and checked sight/observed him for any off balance etc and couldn't find anything obvious, 2 vets looked him over. They have another vet who specialises in eye problems who they spoke to on the phone and wants to see him so he is to go back in tomorrow morning.

Could be nothing, worried it is something significant/sinister as they are only taking emergencies just now, and I'm wide awake, can't sleep thinking about it!

Need to get up for work in just over 4 hours! 😫

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WeAllHaveWings Fri 03-Apr-20 07:58:22

We went back to the vets yesterday. The vet tested his eyes again for glaucoma, he said (in the carpark standing >2M apart) the good eye had a pressure of 11 and his wonky eye had a pressure of 19 which was ok, they would only worry for glaucoma if it was over 25.

Eye has been checked and is ok, no visible injuries or concerns. He doesn't believe it is causing him any discomfort, although he does paw at it/scratch around there occasionally.

Eye lid etc is droppy around the eye, pupil is enlarged/fully open and doesn't respond to light simulation.

He says the next step is a referral to Glasgow Vet Hospital for a full neurological assessment/sedation/scan to find out what is going on, is it a nerve problem or a brain problem (tumour was mentioned as one of a few possibilities).

He says in the the current CV19 circumstances the vet hospital is only accepting emergencies, so all we can do is wait and watch for now and come back if it starts to annoy him.

In normal circumstances I would say, get us the referral, but understand the vet hospital is working with reduced staff/equipment just now.

Worried he's got something going on and while we wait it it could be getting worse. Anyone had this before and it has turned out to be nothing sinister, or should I be worried?

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mrsjoyfulprizeforraffiawork Fri 03-Apr-20 13:36:32

Oh dear, I did think it might be neurological (I work in a neurology practice - human - as a medsec). Just what neurological problem will have to be discovered - there are various things and quite often no cause can be found for neurological symptoms. It is such a bad time for our dogs to need help - I am very frustrated simply because my dog can't have her annual vaccinations and they won't prescribe any more flea treatment until they've seen her at our vets (but we can't see them as we aren't an emergency) - so I am getting paranoid about my dog acquiring heartworm, parvovirus or similar. Your problem is obviously much more important and puts mine into perspective. Can't they refer you anyway and see what happens? A scan would, hopefully, make matters clearer. Fingers/paws crossed for both of you.

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