Can anyone reassure me please ?

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SunshineCake Wed 01-Apr-20 19:48:19

I haven't walked my dog at all for two weeks and dh has only been able to take her out a few times. I have CV and he is also recovering from another medical issue. I have been in bed for a week and will probably be so for at least a few more days. I am so worried the bond will be damaged but I am much more worried about her health. Please helpsad. She is just over three and a retriever. Thank you.

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Knowivedonewrong Wed 01-Apr-20 19:52:34

Could you ask a neighbour or a family member to walk your dog at all?

SunshineCake Wed 01-Apr-20 19:54:18

Not now I have CV. Dh will try and take her out each day now, he only missed one as was exhausted but I'm worried about her as she knows something is wrong.

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jinxpixie Wed 01-Apr-20 21:37:38

Dont worry about her she will be absolutely fine. A couple of weeks at home is no issue in the long run. Your DH should stay at home as well until 14 days are up.

Concentrate on getting better and think of all the lovely walks she will get then.

She will aware things are different but that is ok she can deal with that.

I hope you get better soon flowers

Wolfiefan Wed 01-Apr-20 21:41:40

I hope you get better soon.
If DH can then brain games are good. If you feed dried food then feed in a snuffle mat or hide food to keep her entertained and tire her brain.
Time in the garden or any training he can manage is great.
Something to gnaw on will reduce stress for her.
And it’ll be ok. The bond will be there. Just brace yourself for full on fun and games when you get back to walking together!! grin

SunshineCake Wed 01-Apr-20 21:56:33

Thank you all very much. I can't tell you what a relief your posts are. I had bought extra toys just in case and we do have a decent sized garden. I've promised her a long walk and a trip to the beach grin.

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MissShapesMissStakes Wed 01-Apr-20 22:16:24

Ah I hope you are feeling better soon.

None of your household should be going out at all. Lots of dogs won't be getting a walk for weeks.

It's great you have a garden. We have limited our dog to walks as we live with my elderly parents and I have asthma. My 18 month old dog has really just been in the garden - he's had lots of ball games, and snuggles. To be honest I think he's loving it. What he's missing in walks he's making up with constant company.

If your dog has kibble to eat see if your Dh can hide it around the house rather than just put it in the bowl. Sniffing actually takes up more of their energy than physical exercise anyway.

Mainly your focus should be on resting and getting well, and as a household you should be staying in.

Take care


Scattyhattie Thu 02-Apr-20 01:23:39

Missing some walks in short term really isn't a problem, just make sure adjust food intake to reflect less exercise. We can get hung up on necessity of a daily walk but Trainers even suggest days off as all the things may come across out on a walk can overfill their buckets then need time to chill. Having a garden big enough to play games & exercise instead makes it much easier, working their brains with enrichment activities (there's probably lots ideas on YouTube) & training also makes them sleepy.
When it was dry i used to sprinkle the dry kibble out in the grass for dog to find, kept him busy ages & had a Kong wobbler & a trickle ball too which worked indoors. A few empty boxes, bits and bobs & hide treat/toy to snuffle out, some dogs may also enjoy destroying the cardboard/paper. Tbh my dogs have loved to just potter about in garden & watch world go by for hours.

SunshineCake Thu 02-Apr-20 07:43:22

Thank you. All great and reassuring.

I understand the staying in for seven or 14 days but I've been poorly for two weeks p, in the house for two weeks and in bed for over a week so while I was only told yesterday I have it, what does that mean for everyone else in the house as we've already all stayed in for two weeks? No one else has symptoms but I know they don't always show.

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Funf Thu 02-Apr-20 13:29:23

Just play and use the garden, just think yourself lucky you have family to help and a garden

SunshineCake Thu 02-Apr-20 16:16:02


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MiniatureRed Thu 02-Apr-20 16:51:30

The 'just think yourself lucky' posts are such a bore.

Get well soon OP. I'm sure your pup will be ok, it's short term and you've got a garden.

Your 7 days isolation start from yesterday when you were told. Everyone else starts 14 days isolation from yesterday, too.

SunshineCake Thu 02-Apr-20 22:15:09

That puzzles me as I've been poorly for longer. I only ended up in hospital because my asthma nurse happened to ring me.

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