Reported animal abuse

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anonymum95 Mon 30-Mar-20 11:34:59

So I had been contemplating reporting a neighbour for animal abuse and finally did it this morning after seeing an incident take place. I know I've done the right thing and I've reported anonymously but I'm scared they'll find out it was me. Other people have reported them before as the pets are well known to be mistreated. If I could take them myself I would but I don't have the space, I really hope they go somewhere to be treated better.

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JaneEyre7 Mon 30-Mar-20 13:04:54

You've done the right thing.

No one is forced to abuse animals, it's a choice. And one they deserve to be hung out to dry for.

Windyatthebeach Mon 30-Mar-20 17:55:59

Well done op. Animals need more members of the public with balls....

anonymum95 Mon 30-Mar-20 18:30:44

I'm not sure if anybody has been out to the house yet to inspect the situation but I really hope something is being done, I couldn't sit back without reporting any longer.

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