What's your dog called?

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WreckTangle95 Sun 29-Mar-20 21:28:19

Just for fun, what breed of dog do you have, and what are they called? ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Windyatthebeach Sun 29-Mar-20 21:30:57

Our newest addition is Gabriella Boomer... Shebos cross Saluki /deerhound /greyhound...
Nn The Pony..

Faez Sun 29-Mar-20 21:32:53

Golden lab X pointer, Calli/e. 2 years on I still haven't decided which spelling I prefer

Nanasueathome Sun 29-Mar-20 21:34:20

Mineโ€™s a Dalmatian...liver spots
Isabella Twelvetrees

froggers1 Sun 29-Mar-20 21:34:54

Labradoodle, Gus

MasakaBuzz Sun 29-Mar-20 21:36:34

Millie the Mongrel- officially a Mongrel, but undoubtedly has some Shiba Inu in her.

RoseDog Sun 29-Mar-20 21:42:35

Kaya the staffie!


WreckTangle95 Sun 29-Mar-20 21:46:09

Loving the pictures!!!!

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PestymcPestFace Sun 29-Mar-20 21:47:28

Shorthaired x wirehaired german pointer, Haida scruff pants. Honestly, I brushed her this morning.

windy if you unfortunately don't make it through this pandemic, can I adopt the pony. She's bloody lovely.

Windyatthebeach Sun 29-Mar-20 22:11:56

She isn't alone....

Sexnotgender Sun 29-Mar-20 22:17:06

I have 2 greyhounds. Sam and Ella.

Ella looking fancy in her bow tie.

PestymcPestFace Sun 29-Mar-20 22:18:15

I thought you only had three grin

Thanks for the other day windy, I was hitting a low.

SeperatedSwans Sun 29-Mar-20 22:20:12

Mastiff breed named Solomon. He's just a giant fawn teddy bear to be honest. Loves DS to bits and plays hide and seek with him. You haven't lived till you've seen a mastiff attempt to hide under a sofa by just putting his head under and his arse hanging out ๐Ÿ˜‚

Windyatthebeach Sun 29-Mar-20 22:21:58

Hope you are feeling better Pesty..

MrsBungle Sun 29-Mar-20 22:23:35

We have just bought a puppy. Not ready to come home yet but sheโ€™s a labradoodle and weโ€™ve called her Skye.

FurryCat1978 Sun 29-Mar-20 22:25:09

This is Womble. Heโ€™s a 12 week old bearded collie...

JKScot4 Sun 29-Mar-20 22:25:59

@RoseDog ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
One of mine, Lottie ๐Ÿฅฐ

CoffeeBeansGalore Sun 29-Mar-20 22:33:50

@Windyatthebeach My husky Storm very much like yours! (Went over Rainbow Bridge aged 14 1/2).

anonymum95 Sun 29-Mar-20 22:36:14

My Layla girl, 1 year old Siberian husky

Windyatthebeach Sun 29-Mar-20 22:39:34

Wow 14 and a half! Ours is 6 and a half..

Sarahlou63 Sun 29-Mar-20 22:41:36








BadEyeBri Sun 29-Mar-20 22:46:48

George, Sharkey and Connie

CoffeeBeansGalore Sun 29-Mar-20 22:53:32

Adore Sibes.
@anonymum95 she is beautiful. My first husky was black & white & was bi-eyed. Stubborn madam but made us laugh.
@Windyatthebeach He/she is gorgeous. Those piercing eyes!

CoffeeBeansGalore Sun 29-Mar-20 23:00:50

@WreckTangle95 We had a beautiful St Bernard named Brandy (just had to!)

MissShapesMissStakes Sun 29-Mar-20 23:09:16

This is Ted our mini poodle. He came with his name. My 8 year old likes to call him Gilbert.

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