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KC guidance on picking up new puppies -basically you can't

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TTlover Sun 29-Mar-20 23:30:02

Picking mine up in 4 weeks time. So heartbroken but glad she will have her litter mates to socialise with until we’re able to get her. X

MiniatureRed Sun 29-Mar-20 21:59:59

I'm sure they will. Puppies still need homes!

supadupapupascupa Sun 29-Mar-20 21:50:31

BVA do say they will review their advice if we go longer than three weeks

Tibbytibbytibby Sun 29-Mar-20 21:48:05

Our new puppy is due to come home mid-May. Breeder hasn't been in touch about what will happen if we are still in lockdown. Puppies are KC registered.

MiniatureRed Sun 29-Mar-20 19:48:37

We're getting ours end of May. If things haven't improved the breeder is happy to keep the pup as long as needed and do toilet training/vaccinations/socialisation etc. I guess that's the benefit of a decent breeder rather than a puppy farm.

supadupapupascupa Sun 29-Mar-20 19:03:59

Lots of "waiting to hear from DEFRA". This was written on the 27th under an assumption of a three week lockdown. I wonder how the advice will change.

Butterer Sun 29-Mar-20 18:27:21

As an aside, someone I know got a large dog a couple of weeks ago but lives in council flats with a no pets rule - how did they manage to do that?

I thought anyone selling dogs would do a home visit/make sure the new owners have permission to keep them?
If they're told they can't keep it, what happens next?

WeAllHaveWings Sun 29-Mar-20 18:01:35

Good advice, and also sad.

I am seen many local fb posts where people think this lockdown is an idea time to rashly purchase a puppy. This might help prevent this.

On the downside many puppy farmed pups will not survive this. Hopefully some of these businesses will not survive either.

jinxpixie Sun 29-Mar-20 13:16:08

Clear guidance from the KC saying that new puppies should not be collected from the breeders during the next few weeks.

It is not essential travel

kennelcub advice

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