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Anyone else’s dog acting oddly

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Youwonjane Tue 24-Mar-20 23:14:33

I think my dog knows there’s something not right with the world. He’s been extra clingy and restless. It’s not an exercise thing as he’s getting the same as usual (two walks a day one from me and one from dh).

Anyone else noticed the same?

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Els1e Tue 24-Mar-20 23:48:58

Yes, my mum’s dog is the same. We’re guessing it’s our concerned faces. 😕

Yogawoogie Tue 24-Mar-20 23:51:27

Yes! My dog is normally a twat but her twatiness has increased. I think it’s probably just having a different routine. She keeps wanting to go out and then does nothing.

DramaAlpaca Tue 24-Mar-20 23:52:57

Yes, my two are more clingy than usual and won't leave my side. I think they are unsettled because our daily routine is different.

Iminaglasscaseofemotion Tue 24-Mar-20 23:53:41

Yup mine has been a bit weird too. Can't really put my finger on what it is, but he is slightly different.

Youwonjane Tue 24-Mar-20 23:56:30

See our routine hasn’t changed that much - as in, I work from hone anyways, and dh has only been working from home since today.

I’d like to think I’m not being too stressed (though am sure I am little), but do reckon he just “knows”

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FightingFiles Tue 24-Mar-20 23:59:11

Mine's just been trotting around the house and went in to bark at the kids.

He's 12 and he's never ever done this, he usually takes himself off to bed at ten, and doesn't move til I make him in the morning.

It's all very odd. He's settled again now confused

Youwonjane Wed 25-Mar-20 00:01:43

Perhaps they are all getting ready for their uprising grin

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Stellaris22 Wed 25-Mar-20 07:28:24

Yes, but only because she's finding it odd that we are all home. I normally spend most of my time in the living room but DH WFH in the dining room now. Being in a different room and during the day is making her anxious and she's pacing a lot and not settling.

FightingFiles Wed 25-Mar-20 10:15:21

Apparently he went off to sleep with one of the teenagers last night. Bless him. Probably the youngest who needs a bit of reassuring. Last time he did that was when they were 7 and lost their teddy and was heartbroken. They know.

Michelleoftheresistance Wed 25-Mar-20 10:18:49

Mine's been extra batshit for the past two days. With the good weather I'm getting most of my exercise galloping round the garden trying to catch him to stop him zooming circuits while yapping his head off and driving the neighbours mad.

Yokohamajojo Wed 25-Mar-20 13:43:40

In usual circumstances my dog gets walked in the morning,then snoozes on our bed or in my DHs office all day until I get home at 4 and then we go for another walk. Now the whole family is home (2 adults and 2 kids) all sitting in different rooms in the house trying to work, poor dog don't know what to do and follows me around as soon as I get up from my laptop! I think he's quite happy that we are home but definitely don't get as much sleep as usual

MurrayTheMonk Wed 25-Mar-20 14:59:13

Yes mine has started poising indoors. Never done it before, otherwise healthy and he's getting more walks than he ever had

MurrayTheMonk Wed 25-Mar-20 15:00:13

Pissing! He isn't poised for anything!

newreality1 Thu 26-Mar-20 23:27:00

Yes mine has been very unsettled and much more clingy than usual and watching me all the time!

SoapIsYourFriend Fri 27-Mar-20 01:28:51

I wonder if they can smell Covid 19 confused

DramaAlpaca Fri 27-Mar-20 02:46:12

Soap it wouldn't surprise me at all if they could.

Blewbell Fri 27-Mar-20 02:53:14

The cat knew DH was ill before he did. She kept trying to groom him which she never does. She just wouldn't leave him alone. Every time he got up she was entwining herself in his legs until he sat back down. Next day he got the high fever and it started.

Thepigeonsarecoming Fri 27-Mar-20 02:56:57

I find this fascinating

Solomangrundy Fri 27-Mar-20 03:23:55

My German Shepherd has been a little ‘odd’ for a few days now, pacing up and down and also being (even more) clingy! She loves me being at home all day, she’s still eating plenty.. and scrounging when I eat... and loving her late evening walk.. but definitely behaving a bit strangely. Wonder what it is? Perhaps it’s the different routine? Hmmm🤔

Nostradamuswept Fri 27-Mar-20 04:18:07

Ours has been an absolute pain in the arse this week. Super restless and clingy and pulling on walks which he never does

Nonameslob Fri 27-Mar-20 04:56:01

Yes, I think it's the change to her routine. Me and DH working from home and she keeps trying to sit on our lap at the desk. She's too big so not possible. She's asking for food at odd times and just won't settle. Yesterday she tapped my chair with her paw non stop until I stopped working and cuddled her!

FecktheBoss Fri 27-Mar-20 05:12:19

I was saying this last night to DH who agreed as well. She wont stop licking us and if we sit down she wants to be on our knees - not easy with an english Springer spaniel confused. She also jumped on the chair behind me yesterday and was pawing at my shoulder when on a call

APenquinIsCuttingthegrass Fri 27-Mar-20 05:25:52

Yes mine is. Wants to constantly go out but then just sits there looking at me. I do WFH occasionally before this and she hasn’t done it then.

ThisWontHurt Fri 27-Mar-20 08:17:25

Yes! Our routine hasn't really changed very much but the dog is wandering around like a lost soul. He cannot settle.

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