Best nail clippers for my mini poodle

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MissShapesMissStakes Wed 25-Mar-20 11:52:29

Here is an almost before picture as his body is much shorter than it was

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MissShapesMissStakes Wed 25-Mar-20 11:46:53


Who knew - a dog nail clipping Facebook?! Off to find that.

My dog groomer has said she will video call me and talk me through some basic grooming tips which will help, I'll def ask her about the nails.

I like to keep his fur quite short. I've had a little go today on the easier bits with some cheap cordless clippers I got online. He got a licky mat with peanut butter on so didn't complain too much.

It's all the tricky bits - ears, tail, paws, legs, bum and face that I'm not looking forward to doing.

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SutterCane Tue 24-Mar-20 17:07:19

The red handled Millers Forge clippers are absolutely amazing, super sharp and let you take the tiniest slivers off at a time which reduces the chances of accidentally cutting too short.

You could also look at using a grinder, it takes some time to get you dog used to it but I find is vastly easier than using clippers. I’d just go for a proper Dremel (the smaller, cordless ones are good to start with) as the grinders made specially for dogs tend to be a bit shit.

There’s a FB group called Nail Maintenance for Dogs (it’s a division of Positive Dog Husbandry) which has all the info you need to get cracking whether you want to use clippers, get your dog used to a grinder or use things like scratch boards so your dog can effectively trim their own nails.

Darklane Tue 24-Mar-20 16:22:19

Amazon have them in stock, several kinds

Darklane Tue 24-Mar-20 16:20:04

I use the cat nail clippers for my little Yorkies, the dog ones are too big. They look like a tiny pair of scissors.
Like these

MissShapesMissStakes Tue 24-Mar-20 16:07:08

That's it basically.

I'm worried about hurting him or him wriggling. Usually the dog groomer does it but she's closed up now.

I want to buy some before I need them. I've seen plain looking clippers and the grinder ones.

Any recommendations or advice would be greatly received.

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