Dog walking & COVID 19

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DonegalGhirl Sun 22-Mar-20 10:55:48

Just wondering what everyone’s doing about walking their dogs.

We live in a city and have a some really good walks nearby, old railway lines, large parks & beach. Normally we take it in turns to walk our dog but now that DD is off school & DP is off work indefinitely and I’m part-time we have the time to go nice dog walks together. We would obviously not be going anywhere busy and would keep our social distance when seeing other dogs / humans but I realise going out together would be in complete contradiction of the ‘stay at home’ message.

I personally think if we use common sense we will not be put anyone else in danger. It might be this time next week the government will put a ban on more than one person walking together in which case we will obviously adhere to that, but in the meantime what are your opinions on 2/3 from the same household walking their dog together?

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RandomMess Sun 22-Mar-20 10:57:13

As long as you social distance properly from others it's fine. You may find that your usual works are much busier than normal though...

ErrolTheDragon Sun 22-Mar-20 10:59:21

I think it's ok within current guidelines, if it's just your household. Obviously make sure you aren't spread across the path when passing others - DH and I pretty much had to get into a hedge to get far enough from a jolly group occupying a lane yesterday.

YgritteSnow Sun 22-Mar-20 11:02:53

Getting up very early for the long walk and two shorter walks avoiding everyone later in the day and evening. I'm in London but managing to avoid most people doing it this way.

RandomMess Sun 22-Mar-20 11:05:43

It is like dodgems trying to avoid the idiots who are paying zero attention to social distancing so if you have an unfriendly appearing dog you have a head start on keeping the idiots away.

LittleBoyJuly2020 Sun 22-Mar-20 11:11:28

I've got 2 boxers, luckily we live close to woodland and fields. We've been going out at 10pm until about 11.45. Not seen a soul. I'm 22 weeks pregnant and hoping this routine will be ok even in a lockdown.

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Sun 22-Mar-20 13:16:21

We've been walking and running ours pretty much as usual, but we don't tend to see many people anyway. I saw an elderly friend the other day as I brought my dog back to the car, and she and I had a convo from a good 8' apart.


MaryLennoxsScowl Sun 22-Mar-20 16:42:47

We are continuing walking as usual but not stopping to chat to other dog walkers unless from 6 feet away and keeping our distance. But yes to the dickheads who walk towards us four abreast on the path and just carry on despite us walking on the verge obviously to avoid them!

MaryLennoxsScowl Sun 22-Mar-20 16:44:05

Also saw lots of people letting their kids play on the swings and climbing frame and even a big group of men playing frisbee - sheesh.

Choufleur Sun 22-Mar-20 16:44:23

Ds (nearly 14) is walking the dog now daily just to get him out of his room. I went for a walk with a friend (stayed away from each other while walking) with dogs today. Mental health is important too. Just be careful

pigsDOfly Sun 22-Mar-20 16:56:49

If you're all from the same household with no symptoms I doubt there would be a problem with you all walking together, as long as you don't cause other people difficulty when trying to avoid you.

As far as I can gather, even countries that are in lockdown are allowing people out for walks, with or without dogs, and for essential shopping; in Spain the supermarkets and pharmacies are open.

RandomMess Sun 22-Mar-20 17:05:35

I went to our nearest popular dog field today, deserted. Reckon everyone crammed in either supermarkets or the coast angry

DonegalGhirl Sun 22-Mar-20 18:16:01

Ahh it’s good to see others thinking along the same lines as us, we’re just back from a lovely walk on a beautiful day, it was busy but thankfully everyone we encountered was responsible & kept their distance.

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GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Sun 22-Mar-20 20:58:56

I have just agreed with elderly neighbours that I can use their sizeable garden at least for the younger dog if we lockdown. It's a massive weight off my mind TBH, because she is young, fit and driven.

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