DH didn't want a dog

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Okki Sat 21-Mar-20 21:19:33

It took years, but we got our rescue dog last summer. Last night I heard DH telling the dog he was the best thing to have spent money on. From a man who didn't want a dog to a man who can't go out without buying something for the dog. Did the rest of us grin

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Okki Sat 21-Mar-20 21:20:21

Sod the rest of us that's suppose to say!!

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CoffeeBeansGalore Sat 21-Mar-20 21:21:03

Happy ending 😊

WreckTangle95 Sat 21-Mar-20 21:25:04

Aww! How sweet! They don't call them man's best friend for nothing smile

Girlintheframe Sun 22-Mar-20 06:35:09


CanIHaveAPenguinPlease Sun 22-Mar-20 08:03:29

My dh is exactly the same. He’s besotted with our rescue. And he never wanted a dog.

DarkPassenger Sun 22-Mar-20 08:08:19

Aww, that's very heartwarming.

I did click hoping for a man and dog asleep together on the sofa pic though grin


MissFlite Sun 22-Mar-20 08:13:26

I didn't particularly want a dog either and I'm besotted with ours. It's come as quite a surprise.

CanIHaveAPenguinPlease Sun 22-Mar-20 08:23:41

They have a way of getting into your heart. Just like a toddler!

SQuueze Sun 22-Mar-20 08:26:43

Same with DH. I’m now the one who thinks she’s sweet but I’m not that bothered. He’s all over her and googling training* and ,max walking times.

Crocky Sun 22-Mar-20 08:31:54

My dh did want a dog but never got round to doing anything about it. I was asked if I would take on a 3yo dog that needed rehoming. He wasn’t sure. She’s been with us a week and they are inseparable already.

TokyoSushi Sun 22-Mar-20 08:32:09

DH didn't want a dog, he loves him more than life itself!

CanIHaveAPenguinPlease Sun 22-Mar-20 08:32:20

Dh always said he’d divorce me before me getting a dog. Well he’s just been whispering sweet nothings in her ear. grin

Glenthebattleostrich Sun 22-Mar-20 08:33:58

DH finally after 15 years agreed to get a dog for my 40th birthday. Yes I know how that sounds but I exploited the birthday to finally have a much desired dog in the house! We were very lucky a local rescue had some pups. And our darling little cockashit came home!!

He was very clear she's my dog, I'm responsible for her and her costs out of my personal spends. She wasn't to go on furniture, or the bed. No feeding her human food. Very strict rules.

Fast forward 18 months ...

Madmutt gets snuggles and kisses on leaving the house and returning before I get acknowledged.

She has her own corner of the sofa, but is usually found sprawled across Daddy's tummy.

She sleeps between our pillows under the duvet, often with her head on daddy's pillow!!!

He buys her decaf teabags because she likes. Andrew with us and saves her the last morsel from his dinner

She is incredibly spoilt by him (all of us if I'm honest) and he adores her. He can often be heard telling her he loves is furbaby and she is the bestest girl in the house!!

Helenluvsrob Sun 22-Mar-20 09:13:17

Same here. Dunno how we’d be surviving now without him

Okki Sun 22-Mar-20 13:58:27

@DarkPassenger just for you grin

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ilikemethewayiam Sun 22-Mar-20 21:35:54

Mine was the same. he didn’t want a dog. I warned him when we met that I was a dog person, my previous dog had passed away and that I would be getting another. That was not negotiable. He accepted it and reluctantly went a long with it. Yes fast forward 4 years and they are inseparable. The dog has him wrapped around his big paws. He won’t even go on holiday unless the dog can come. They totally adore each other. It’s so lovely to see.

MrsZola Thu 26-Mar-20 15:47:40

DH was the same - took 10 years and then it was the strict rule thing. It took 1 week and he spoilt them rotten! 😁

Lockdownshockdown Fri 27-Mar-20 05:54:47

Dp kept insisting he didnt want a dog. And keeps saying she is a pain in the arse and my dog, not his dog.

Then when I am working upstairs, I come down and they are laid on the sofa together and she is snuggled up on his chest. When I was working in a office he would send me photos of her all day long.

She was a rescue that came to us at 6 weeks. He keeps insisting she cant lay on his chest forever as she will get too big. He has never had a cocker before, he doesnt realise that wont stop her.

I keep getting photos of them cuddling up. As I am WFH I can here him, talking to her the garden during the day its unbelievable sweet and makes him far more attractive.

ScouseMar Fri 27-Mar-20 06:32:48

Oh that picture is gorgeous, the dog looks like he loves your husband!

BuckingFrolics Fri 27-Mar-20 07:09:51

Lovely photo OP!

MiniatureRed Fri 27-Mar-20 21:35:10

Love the photo OP! I'm really hoping this will be DW in the future. She's very ambivalent at the moment.

ThisIsNotMyRealName1 Tue 31-Mar-20 22:58:59

Fab piccie OP!

Kordelia Wed 01-Apr-20 11:37:38

That dog looks blissfully happy!

bluebell94 Wed 01-Apr-20 11:42:58

Snap grin

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