Please help me. Unwell pup.

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jinxpixie Fri 20-Mar-20 13:28:07

How distressing for you all.

You need to have a really honest talk with your vet. What is your gut feeling on this?

Can they up the pain meds?
What is the long term outlook for her
How much more time do they think she needs to be restricted

i have sometimes found specialists vets will carry on doing surgeries well past the best interests of the pets so do be ready to grill them.

Also sometimes dogs do take a while to start recovering and then when they start they move on quite quickly so again you need to ask if this recovery rate is normal.

I do hope you get some information which will help you to make an informed decision soon flowers

MultipleMum5 Fri 20-Mar-20 11:50:06

I’ve posted before about my puppy.

She has bilateral patella luxation. It’s very severe.

10 weeks ago she had her first operation. Surgery went well but she is still limping and not improving, and hopping on the other bad leg.

She’s clearly still in pain and going back to see the surgeon today. She’s had some physio but no improvement and is clearly too sore to do the exercises.

The surgeon said when he operated on her there was so much cartilage loss and this is probably why she is struggling. I hope we can hear some options today.

What worries me is, how much longer can I see her in pain? I cry most days seeing her struggle. I have 5 children who can’t play with her. She has 2 10 minute walks a day. Is this going to be it for the rest of her life? I want her to have a full happy life, not one of struggle and constant very appointments.

She has already had 4 general anaesthetics and still needs the right leg operated on.

I am distraught and just desperate to see her get better but feel like it’s never going to happen.

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