Should I go ahead or not??

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WreckTangle95 Thu 19-Mar-20 07:10:00

I am supposed to be getting a puppy in 2 weeks time. I've already paid a (non refundable) deposit and we were all really looking foward to it. But should I still go ahead when we could be about to go into lock down? I'm worried the pup won't get any socialisation, won't be able to attend puppy class, and I'm not even sure if he would be able to have his immunisations etc as I rang the vet I would be using and they said it could come down to having an emergency vet on call as opposed to having staff in the surgery. Obviously we have no idea how long this will last, if it was going to be over In a few weeks I would still go ahead but what if this lasts months! And what will happen to the breeder if no one can collect the pups, will he be stuck with 8 dogs for however long? Would love your thoughts!

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adaline Thu 19-Mar-20 07:16:00

No, I'm afraid I wouldn't get one. There are too many risks at the moment.

- it's impossible to socialise a dog that's going essentially be stuck inside for weeks on end. That can lead to serious problems down the line.

- lots of vet surgeries in lockdown countries are only open for emergencies- if that happens here how are you going to get her vaccinated etc?

- I tried to buy dog food yesterday and there was nothing in the supermarket or in the pet shop. I had to get it off amazon and even then it was six days until delivery. I'd be worried about not being able to feed a young puppy. At least adult dogs can eat suitable human food if necessary.

- puppy classes and exercise will be next to impossible if we go into lockdown.

I feel bad for you and for the breeder but I think getting a new pet would be highly irresponsible right now.

CappyCapCap Thu 19-Mar-20 07:17:59

Well, from my point of view, that puppy that you have chosen to be a member of your family will be in the same position. Wether you take it or not. Ie struggle with lack of socialisation.

Personally, as 2 weeks is long time away, in terms of the virus. I would wait.

What age will the puppy be when you pick it up?

And older pup (10-12 weeks) will be better socialised from being with its litter mates and mother longer.

So if you puppy wasnt going got be 8 weeks. And you pick up 6 weeks from now, they will be 12 weeks.

Everything could have moved on here.

Personally, I would leave with the breeeder as long as possible and then go bring the pupp home.

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