What happened to the Puppy Survival/Support threads?

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MortyFide Wed 18-Mar-20 09:17:56

I could've sworn I saw a fairly regularly posted-on thread on surviving the puppy stage, but the most recent one I found was last added to back in January.

Only, I have a border terrier puppy and OMG he is testing! He is almost 11 weeks old, utterly cuddly and adorable with the most smooshable monkey face, and a mad needle-fanged, selectively deaf little arsehole unable to control his urges. grin

I've had a terrier puppy before, I watch many many training videos (mainly Kikopups and Zak George), I can work a clicker and get the timing right mostly but... sometimes one just needs to vent to puppy people who understand.


^^Lighthearted, I know he will sleep. But when he wakes up I long for peace rather than the relentless 2 hours of watching, going outside, playing, going outside, feeding, going outside, and avoiding/diverting his teeth then going outside. Where he rips up chunks of my lawn and tries to eat gravel.

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MortyFide Wed 18-Mar-20 12:31:42

I'm not one for bumping, but these are unprecedented times so...bump.

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BiteyShark Wed 18-Mar-20 12:41:23

There is one but not many postings to it at the moment so it's down the list of threads. I suspect what happens is someone starts one off and lots of people with young pups join.

Those puppies get bigger and people don't tend to post much anymore as things aren't quite as difficult. People like yourself with younger pups may not feel like joining in on a long running one.

I guess what I am saying is that it you could start a new one off for all the new puppy parents or try and revive the old one by posting on it to bump it up the thread list so it's noticed a bit more.

MortyFide Wed 18-Mar-20 13:04:08

Ok that's a plan...I was shamelessly piggy-backing on the popularity of the original Survival thread, as the Coronavirus threads are pushing everything unrelated out of active!

Unless people have the topic hidden, obvs.

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BiteyShark Wed 18-Mar-20 13:05:53

Yes I would have expected or expect lots more puppy threads if people are having to contend with puppies, limited socialisation and potentially more children at home.

MortyFide Wed 18-Mar-20 13:09:42

Fortunately the puppy class I have booked is going ahead for the next 2 weeks, so at least he'll have some sensible introductions with a trainer on hand.

My last dog was super aggressive so I'm understandably keen to get it right...

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Fizzypoo Wed 18-Mar-20 19:47:50

I have a new puppy, 11 weeks old. She sleeps all night in a crate in our bedroom.

I'm slightly worried as we have injections next week and the puppy class we were going to go to after injections has been cancelled.


nearlyfinished1moreyear Wed 18-Mar-20 19:56:41

I have s new staffy puppy, she's 6 weeks! The 'breeder' wanted rid asap. She was at the vet yesterday for 1st lot of injections, microchip, back in 2 weeks for kennel cough and 2 weeks after that for last injections.

Apart from her being so young she is an absolute dream so far, toileting is going great 🤞. My boy was a nightmare to housebreak.

She does enjoy a dog in the garden, tho my boys the same so couldn't expect no faults. I've been carrying her around while out on walks with Bruno just so she gets to experience different noise, areas people and other dogs.

nearlyfinished1moreyear Wed 18-Mar-20 19:57:38

*dig not dog

MortyFide Thu 19-Mar-20 04:23:22

Oh no Fizzy, that's a shame - I guess you'll have to make your own first encounters unti they're back on! Ours started last night and they are planning to continue if we all keep our distance (or authorities prevent it).

Our puppy is down beside me at night - I've cordoned off a little crate-sized corner of the room beside the bed so I can still put my hand down to him to help him settle if necessary, but he is quite self sufficient. Night one I took him out every 90 minutes, night 2 similar, night 3 he astonishingly slept for 2 blocks of 4 hours - and has done since (tonight is night 5)! He is very consistent at night - daytime, not so much. There is some degree of predictability for pooing (although he caught me out late last night after all the treats in puppy class, and shat upstairs after he came in from his bedtime wee), but it's the dozens of random dribbles of wee in the day - between "normal" predictable wees after sleeping, playing, eating, drinking etc) - that are difficult to manage.

The only answer is to keep him 100% in his pen, so he saves up his mini-wees into bigger predictable ones - but it feels so mean, when he loves to run importantly from living room to kitchen building piles of toys, and cries when he is penned in. sad

I am cleaning up with enzyme cleaner every time, but he is unfazed - doesn't even look at the door or sniff/circle, just pops his willy down on the carpet, releases 5 drops worth, and carries on playing. Nightmare.
But he's 11 weeks and only been here 5 days, it'll take time I know.

6 weeks Nearlyfinished!! Our first puppy came at 6 weeks too - same reason, "breeder" wanted rid. This is our 2nd, we got him at 10 weeks - I've been carrying him out, he's had his second jabs though and can put paws on the ground on Monday.

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Fizzypoo Thu 19-Mar-20 06:48:44

My puppy dribbles wees all over the place too! I have enzyme cleaner. I'm thinking about getting a steam cleaner as my carpets don't feel clean anymore. Apparently you can buy enzyme cleaner to put into the detergent section from the ones you can rent.

6 weeks seems so young sad but I'm sure he's getting loads of love from you @nearlyfinished1moreyear and your other dog.

My puppy cried last night in the crate so I took her into bed with us, I've most likely created a rod for my own back but she was so good and slept curled up next to me all night.

nearlyfinished1moreyear Wed 25-Mar-20 15:37:22

Yeah she's so small but a tough little thing! She's currently 'wrestling' my older dog, he's so good with her.

We ended up doing that with our old dog because we just couldn't stand the wining all nite and had elderly neighbours at the time.

How are yous all coping with the 'socialisation' baby pup has started wriggling and desperately trying to get on the ground when out walking with my other dog. I'm kinda worried about how this social distancing is going to pan out in regards to when she can start socialising with other dogs. Being a staffy and knowing how dog aggressive they can be I'm worried. My male dog was socialised with other dogs constantly which has resulted in him being zero dog reactive.

Fizzypoo Thu 26-Mar-20 16:32:06

I'm also concerned about that aspect having a staff puppy too.

Her 12 week injections were cancelled so we can't take her out on walks where other dogs have been. Apparently we have to wait until it's all back to normal and start the injections from the start again.

What is the likelihood of my puppy getting poorly if she's walked without her injections? She absolutely loves the garden and it seems a shame not to take her for walks.

Wolfiefan Thu 26-Mar-20 16:34:16

Really don’t walk your dog out and about if it’s not vaccinated. Your pup could die.

nearlyfinished1moreyear Thu 26-Mar-20 19:39:05

Yeah it's better to be on the safe side regarding not walking her. We are lucky in that we have a fairly good sized garden and she's playing lots with my other dog and son (5yrs).

nearlyfinished1moreyear Thu 26-Mar-20 19:40:10

I would phone around other vets also, I called mine this morning and they aren't giving the kennel cough next week but are going ahead with the 2nd lot of jabs.

MiniatureRed Fri 27-Mar-20 21:39:58

This is a terrible time for puppies, isn't it. We're hoping to get one next month and I'm stressing about socialisation, and jabs.

The dribbles of wee sounds so annoying! My poor carpets!

nearlyfinished1moreyear Tue 31-Mar-20 09:07:46

We've been really lucky, not had many accidents. How are all your pups getting on? I can't wait until she can put paws on the floor, she's starting to wriggle and get really whiney when we're out and I'm carrying her.

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