Dog boots recommendations?

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Snooks1971 Tue 17-Mar-20 19:48:42

In times of crisis and uncertainty, can we please discuss dog boots?

Our rescue girl has slightly deformed paws (from birth) which means that when she walks the edges of her pads are in contact with the ground. This causes the hair to be rubbed away to the follicles, also blisters that then bleed and infections. She won’t walk.

She’s now on anti inflammatory drugs, medicated shampoo foot baths and Epsom Salts foot baths.

Dog boots have been recommended from her consultant vet for the future, I know she will resist them, try to eat them and pull them off!

It’s a minefield! Any recommendations at all please.... and I know it’s very trial and error, just a starting point would be great, thank you.

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WeAllHaveWings Tue 17-Mar-20 22:56:20

Poor dog. I've never used boots, but take it very slowly when introducing them, don't let her sniff or chew them. Get her to give you a paw and touch her paw with one then treat, build up to touching for longer before even trying to put one partially on. Treating/distracting each time.

We did this with the dremel when filing ddogs nails and it worked a treat, he just ignores us when we do it now.

Shambolical1 Wed 18-Mar-20 10:10:05

From experience, there are loads of different boots available but getting the right size is a minefield. If the fit is wrong, they'll rub and cause more damage and/or not stay on properly.

Your vet should have some in stock to try - what I did was bought one set from them and then sourced the same online (cheaper) for later use, as they do wear out/get irredeemably dirty with wear.

Wait until current sores are healed before trying to make the dog walk in them.

RatherBeRiding Wed 18-Mar-20 16:54:04

I got some Trixie Walker ones when DGreyhound managed to slice her pad open. They are pretty cheap and come in lots of different sizes but I found them quite robust. Does she only need them for outdoor walking?

Snooks1971 Wed 18-Mar-20 19:18:47

@WeAllHaveWings thank you that’s a good idea re slowly, gently introducing them. She dislikes her paws being handled anyway (traumatic experience with her previous owner).
Also have a pet dremel which we are introducing mega slowly.

@Shambolical1 thanks I didn’t know that the vet would have stock to try - will follow that up. We are a while away from even attempting to use them, she has to be on the Atopica (anti inflammatories) for another month anyway. Agree no point trying until she’s got happy feet.

@RatherBeRiding brill thanks for the tip. Yes only for outside walking. She goes in the garden for now.

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