Photos of your dogs to cheer us all up!

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ILLBESUZIE Sun 15-Mar-20 19:13:56

Just as title says! Please can you post some photos of your dogs to bring some cheer amongst all the threads about other stuff...

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Dreamersandwishers Sun 15-Mar-20 19:44:15

My girl after helping me bake

ILLBESUZIE Sun 15-Mar-20 19:45:18

She is lovely!!!!

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Dreamersandwishers Sun 15-Mar-20 19:46:12

Here’s her big brother

Glenthebattleostrich Sun 15-Mar-20 19:46:51

Mabel is hibernating until the world calms down!

Love a cute pooch thread

Dreamersandwishers Sun 15-Mar-20 19:46:56

Don’t you just love labs ? And all other dogs to be honest 😍

bloodywhitecat Sun 15-Mar-20 19:47:31

Alf, 6 months old.


Dreamersandwishers Sun 15-Mar-20 19:47:50

Mabel is a cutie

Glenthebattleostrich Sun 15-Mar-20 19:47:59

Your labs are beautiful. Moos bestie is a yellow lab!

OhNoNoNoNotThatOne Sun 15-Mar-20 19:48:14

Ahhh so cute!!!
This is Teddy, also know as Bertie

Dreamersandwishers Sun 15-Mar-20 19:48:27

Great idea for a thread @ILLBESUZIE

DustyMaiden Sun 15-Mar-20 19:49:55

I don’t have a dog but DS sent me this

ILLBESUZIE Sun 15-Mar-20 19:49:54

I want a 'be more Alf' approach to my life. He's so chilled!! Love him!

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Ahrightsoted Sun 15-Mar-20 19:50:12

Meet my 10year old babs....the first person I saw hello to and the last one I say night night to grin

StillMedusa Sun 15-Mar-20 19:52:20

my 10 month old Eurasier, not caring about Covid 19 or anything except chasing the wind smile

Muffinbutton Sun 15-Mar-20 19:53:52

Biggest stick he could find!

BitOfFun Sun 15-Mar-20 19:54:05

My boy Rory. Feeling a bit sorry for himself grin.

thequeenbeyondthewall Sun 15-Mar-20 19:57:12

This is mine

sundayfeelingbah Sun 15-Mar-20 19:58:11

My 9 month old with the squeakiest ball in the whole wide world!

hugglesfor4 Sun 15-Mar-20 20:03:51

My 4 year old Buddy being an old sea dog

MortyFide Sun 15-Mar-20 20:06:46

This little guy is 10 weeks old and a toothy menace

rottiemum88 Sun 15-Mar-20 20:12:35

My two babies 🥰

nearlyfinished1moreyear Sun 15-Mar-20 20:31:46

They've had a hard day grin

RoseDog Sun 15-Mar-20 20:35:23

My dd took this a few weeks ago, the dogs current state is asleep on my dressing gown on the sofa!

nearlyfinished1moreyear Sun 15-Mar-20 20:36:30

@RoseDog love a staffy smile winkgrin

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