Today I lost a friend.

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Drivemybluecar Fri 13-Mar-20 14:47:57

He may not have been my dog. But I loved looking after him. I didn’t get to say goodbye and it was out of the blue. He was my shadow when he was with me. I going to miss this big brown eyes and little tail wagging. I can’t stop crying. Can’t believe I won’t see him again.

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Angrymouse Fri 13-Mar-20 15:12:56

So sorry to hear OP.
You sound like a lovely person.
I have never owned or even looked after a dog so don't have anything useful to say
Just hope you are ok.

ProfessorHasturLaVista Fri 13-Mar-20 15:31:42

I’m sorry, it’s a big loss for you, even if you didn’t ‘own’ him. The staff at my doggy day care were genuinely upset when we lost our girl last November. I felt awful for having to tell them, almost!
I hope the fond memories of him start to outweigh the sadness as time passes. flowers

Windyatthebeach Fri 13-Mar-20 15:37:02

We lost ddog 2 weeks ago. Got a lovely card from our vet's. A huge hole for everyone it seems.
And she was a crabby buggar!!
Sorry for the loss of your furry friend op.

Meme05 Fri 13-Mar-20 15:41:11

I’m so sorry for your loss OP, I hope you take some time to grieve. Take care.

DanielleHirondelle Sat 14-Mar-20 12:29:57

So sorry for the loss of your little friend

cakeandchampagne Sat 14-Mar-20 12:32:42

Sorry for the loss of your dog friend. flowers


BiteyShark Sat 14-Mar-20 13:41:31

So sorry thanks. They really do steal your heart sad

Drivemybluecar Sat 14-Mar-20 14:37:18

@BiteyShark they really do.

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